DJ Mark The 45 King-A Kings Creation Volume 2


What's good my CRDS family, fellow bloggers I read frequently and faithful readers?
I hope the last few comps have made your music collection a little bit fatter, and my utmost gratitude for the comment and filled requests.

Because of the success of the first one, you now have Volume 2, celebrating some of the illest beats and dope rhymes (dope rhymes) from the late 80' and 90's, of course all created by the King, the one and only: The 45 King

A very special thanks goes out to Stylus and Riffs for some of eh rares :D

1. chill rob g - court is now In session(very rare promo-the 45 king remix)
2. lord alibaski - lyrics in motion
latee - no tricks
4. the 45 king feat-wildchild-two-five
5. chill rob g - let me know (the 45 king remix)
maestro fresh wes - drop the needle (the 45 king remix)
7-too nice - cold facts (the 45 king remix)
8-cold crush brothers - we reserve the right to rock (the 45 king remix)
9-lakim shabazz-raw dope rhyme
10-diamond d & the psychotic neurotics-best kept secret (the 45 king remix)
11-double j- cannibal town
12-queen latifah- jersey state of mind
13-common-car horn
14-markey fresh- mack of rap (extended mix)
15-the 45 king - strong beats from a strong man
16-digital underground-packet man (the 45 king extended mix)
17-latee - wake up
eric b & rakim - microphone fiend (extended remix)

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