CRDS and Reprezent Golden Age Hip Hop Presents: NYC Raw Volume 2

CRDS and Reprezent Golden Age Hip Hop Presents: NYC Raw Volume 2

Thanks for the comments and feedback on the first NYC Raw compilation, here is volume 2 for your listening pleas... this was done in association with my homie and fellow blogger and hardcore 90's Hip Hop fanatic Grimme Rappuh from the dope blog...

So you get his side and my side...
so all up 2 tracks deep of nothing but the pure, rugged and raw 90's NYC underground Hip Hop.

we hope you enjoy listening to this as much as we enjoyed compiling it for you and a special shout to Tyshawn.

Long live the real, ruff, rugged and true Hip Hop, to all the artists represented on here, we salute and thank you.


Jaz and Grimee Rappuh


Grimee side (Reprezent Golden Age Hip Hop):

01 - Tripps - Rage (Produced by Jim Nice)
02 - Raw Approach - Wrong Nek Of Da Woodz (Brownsville Mix)
(Produced by UnderWorld) (1993)
03 - Freddie Foxxx - Can't Break Away
(Produced by DITC) (1994)
04 - Main One - Nigguz Ain't Got It (Produced by Buckwild)  (1995)
05 - Down South - Open Sesame
(Produced by The Beatnuts) (1994)
06 - Hillfiguz - Boom
(Produced by Hillfiguz) (1996)
07 - Kaotic Style - Represent
(Produced by Kaotic Style) (1994)
08 - Queen Latifah Feat. Heavy D, Treach & KRS-One - Rough
(Produced by Tony Dofat) (1993)
09 - Blackstract - Diary Of A Mad MC
(Produced by Saran Rap)  
10 - Gunslinguz - Why You Wanna Test My Skills
(Produced by The Duredee Macks) (1995)
Jaz Side (Cold Rock Da Spot):

01-Ill Breed Militia-What's An I-Eleven
(Produced by Ill Breed Militia)  (1994)
02-Tha Lowa-Don't Crossover
(Produced by Ez-M) (1994)
03-Pretzels Logic-The Promo
(Produced by Kuzin BIFF) (1995)
04-Crooked OZone-Insane
(Produced by Tony-T) (1994)
05-Phade 2 Black-Torture
(Produced by Mercenaries)  (1995)
06-Reggie Reg-NJ Connection (Produced by Lakim Shabazz)
07-Splattahouse-Men Of War
(Produced by Lockness)  (1996)
08-Lost Cawz-Hookz
(Produced by Lost Cawz) (1995)
09-The Ripper-Still In The Mood (Remix) (Produced by Mixture) (1994)
10-Bornsinnas-Born Sinnin'
(Produced by Pretzel's Logic) (?)


verge said...

very very nice work, fellas. props and thanks!

Jaz said...

Good looking out Verge, really appreciate that fam.

F.I.P. said...

Well Jaz, this compilation is hella dope ! Thanks !

Jaz said...

Thanks a lot F.I.P. but mad thanks go to Grimee Rappuh as well fam :D


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