Icons-What Legends Are Made Of LP

I have had a few requests for this album and I thought it would be a good idea to post it here at the cold rock da spot blog, what can I say?, the album is dope, full of great beats, interesting production and superb (and sometimes quick fire) rhyming from 2 ill MC's Frosty da Know-Matic and Ech-U-Sketch as well as 2 fine DJ's,DJ HOP and DJ Demon on the cuts, this San Diego crew more than held it down back in 1998.

Take my word for it, this album was meant to be tracked down 10 years later and is a very fine example of underground hip hop done right.

They had another single in 2001 "Snapshots" (which I have somewhere on my masses of CD's) and also released another album Capture The Flag in 2001 (thanks to Matt for that info) and before that a 12" in 1999 then (as far as I know) they vanished, I am hoping that the members of this dope crew, fall up on this post and let me know about an unreleased album or just appreciate being recognized because they deserve it.

Download Here

1. Icons
2. Battle, Battle
3. Fools With No Rhyme Skills
4. Peanut Butta Skies
5. Peep What I Wrote
6. Behavioral Sciences
7. Bomb Bay
8. Inner Sanctum
9. Essays-1st Installment
10. No Chance
11. Outter Limits
12. Yackitty-Shhmackitty
13. Relax
14. We Seen Ya Kind





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