Back To 1994...Volume 2

First up troopers, I just want you to all know that the comments and the e-mails I have been receiving about Cold Rock Da Spot and it's posts have been staggering and the feedback is very much appreciated.

So let's get back to 1994, now after wading through well over 300 songs in the past few weeks, I actually think 94 was better than 1992, there were just so many dope styles and so many great records and albums released that year, that still hold up strong today and leave a lot of today's material in the dust (speaking of today's material, make sure you check for the free mixtape of Detroit's Black Milk's dope material...this is a kid that is a clear disciple of the late great J-Dilla (hard to believe it has been a year since he left this World) and keeps the sample and beat digging in effect).

Okay,1994...what else can I tell you?...Bomb Hip Hop released the very dope
Bomb Hip-Hop Compilation, which featured Jigmastas (yes wayback in 1994,Charizma (RIP), The Dereliks,(what the hell were g'nu's?) Mental Prizm, Blackalicious,Homeliss Derelix and many others (a few are included on Back To 1994...Volume 2) and we also had the birth of Project Blowed who dropped the way ahead of it's time Project Blowed compilation in 1994 (not 1995 like some online stores say) and included Aceyalone,Abstract Rude, C.V.E., Freestyle Fellowship and many others holding it down for the West Coast underground.

Keep in mind that with these comps, I am trying to stay away from the obvious candidates (Nas, Gravediggaz, Gangstarr album tracks etc) and this is more about the slept on joints or remixes of that year and I don't doubt that you may have or heard all of these but if not then my job is done and as always enjoy...salute

Jaz Presents-Back To 1994-Volume 2...

1-troubleneck brothers-
back to the hip hop (classic mix)

2-the dereliks-no-g'nus

3-nomaads-the ultimate (original)

4-lord finesse-shorties kaught in the system

5-eydle mode-end of the innocence

6-ghetto concept-e-z on the motion

7-finsta bundy-

8-showbiz & ag-under pressure (originally released on the limited edition payday/ffrr-phat ep)

9-charizma & peanut butter wolf-just like a test

10-bushwackass-caught up in the game

11-native nuttz-skinflower

12-ghetto philharmonic-don't bite the concept

(ft busta rhymes) -c'mon with the get down (buckwild remix)

-code of the streets (kenny dope remix)

15-homeliss derelix
-fuck you

16-mental prizm
-strawberry moon

17-ill biskits-god bless ya life

18-volume 10-
pistol grip pump

boodah and da bandit-brain on drugz (remix)

-causal-that's how it is (del remix)

-saafir-can you feel me

22-yaggfu front
-busted loop

23-da bush babees
-swing it (original version)
(jazziness version appears on the 'ambushed' album, original was on the 12")


.-rugged neva smoove (dj premier remix)

If you need any other info, just message me


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