Yo, can anyone out there help me out with mp3s from the following list please?

360- 100 Proof
All Knew Program – The P.I.T.
Asphalt Poetry-Genuine
Civilized Savages-New Rhyme Speak
Cultural Posse- For Real
D.L.R. b/w East Flatbush House Of Rep.s - "Show n prove" b/w "E.F. House Of Reps"
Flipp - Roaches

Hood 2 No Good- Throw Em Up
J-Crush - I'm vex
Keefy Keef- Three's Company (full version, non mixtape)
Knoxx-I'm Hungry

Malo-Duck Duck Goose
Movement Ex-United Snakes of America (Marley Marl Remix)
Pleasure & The M.O.B. - "It's about that time" b/w "No escape from the underground"
Renaissance of Chaos-Check Out My Vocals
Sid and B-Tonn-Bonus track on 12" Not Deathwish 2
Slick Rick-What's The Scoop (Marley Marl remix)
(non mixtape version)
Slick Rick-Star Trek (Large Pro remix) (non mixtape version)
Straight Out Da Cave EP
Total Kaos-This Rhyme is Automatic
Twist It Mines - Myz b haven
Young Lord-Represent

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