The CRDS Fat Tape Volume 9

First up,crazy thanks to those that have been sending me e-mails and requesting the JVC Fat Tapes and other comps, it's ill to know that people are still wanting and enjoying these and secondly I apologize for not having a fat tape for a few months, but I am back on to it and have been digging through the bring you the hype, cold dope ish.


The CRDS Fat Tape Volume 9

1-Bancheez-Start My Mission (1994)
From the Didn't I Tell Ya 12"

All I know about this joint is, it's ill as f--k and rare as f--k,a deep bassline and hard hitting Synthetic Substitution drums and a great Rakim vocal from "Paid In Full" as the hook, I am pretty sure this is East Coast Hip Hop and there was an A-Side I have yet to hear, but there is nothing out there about it, classic 90's Hip Hop.

2-ASAP-Wrek The Art (1992)
Produced by Silver D

From the The Hill That's Real LP

Another slice of great 90's Hip Hop, a mesmerizing bassline, horns, thick drums and the MC's going for broke
, this can be found on the Hill That's Real LP which featured early recordings from the great Lil Fame (M.O.P.) and others, it was also available as a 12", ASAP had one other cut "It's On You" on the album.

3-Broadway-Must Stay Paid (1996)
Produced by KRS One
From the Must Stay Paid 12"

You must know who Broadway is...does Strickly Roots ring a bell?
, this was him wrecking mics, with his gruff and raw flow over a banging KRS composed piece, this is hardcore NYC Hip Hop at it's best.

4-KRS One-Mortal Thought (Kenny Parker Remix)
Produced by Kenny Parker
From the Return Of The Boombap 12"(White Label)

This ill remix is much darker than the piano and drums that DJ Premier cooked up for the original version, a creeping bassline and sinister strings are accompanied by hard drums
to great effect

5-Channel Live-Reprogram (Easy Moe Bee Remix)(1995)
Produced by Easy Moe Bee
From The Reprogram 12"

Man I miss Easy Moe's kicking boom bap drums and distorted samples, this was a dope remix that he did for the duo of Hakim and Tuffy aka Channel Live, who released a decent album, Station Identification in 1995 then their career just fizzled and KRS produced the originla version of Reprogram.

6-Da Neighbourhood Threat-Say What I Wanna Say (1993)
From The Say
What I Wanna Say 12"

I know very little about this, but what I can tell you is, it is mad dope, a number of familiar samples and breaks are used in this (Tim Dog's "Fuck Compton" for one), I am pretty sure this is from the U.K. but there is no info out there, it's a fun joint and has great horns and (I think) a dope sample from Fat Albert and The Cosby Kids.

7-Lord Finesse-You Know What I'm About (1992)
Produced by Lord Finesse
From The You Know What I'm About 12"

This right here (right now) is one of my all time favourite Lord Finesse joints, the drums just knock me in the head and the ill errie sample (Scooby Doo) get me everytime
, Finesee is a problem on the mic and we need him around today, this is classic DITC shit and classic hardcore NYC Hip Hop.

8-K-Solo-Sneak Tip (1992)
Produced by Sam Anderson
From The Times Up LP

Ahhh K-Solo when he was cool with and a part of the mighty Hit Squad, this joint has always been great to me, a fat bassline, tight drums and a Brand Nubian vocal sample from "Slow Down" work around Solo's superb story telling skills.

9-D-Nice-To The Rescue (Solid Scheme Remix)(1992)
Produced by Solid Scheme
From The
To The Rescue 12"

A smooth funk remix supplied by the dope beat team of
Derek Lynch and the late Chris Charity (RIP) better known as Solid Scheme (Das EFX, Kam,K-Solo,Knuckleheadz,Top Quality,PMD), not much to say about this really, I like it, it's a decent remix, the original version appears on the To Tha Rescue LP (pictured).

10-Organized Konfusion-Fudge Pudge (Bob T Remix)(1992)
Produced by Bob T
From The Walk Into The Sun 12"

It's hard to fathom that OK first released their classic album way back in 1991 and Fudge Pudge the original was flavour, this dope remix only just adds to the tracks legacy, what else is there to say?

11-Kid and Play-Bounce (1994)
Produced by The Beatnuts
From The Bounce 12"

Kid and Play catch wreck over the fat rumbling bassline, drums and horns supplied by the mother fucking Beatnuttttttttsssss, this is that hype, throw your hands in the air, party vibe shit and it's good...:D

12-The Pharcyde-Ya Mama (Baker Boys Remix)(1993)
Produced by the Baker Boys
From the Ya Mama 12"

There were quite a few remixes of this gem, but I don't think any slammed as hard as this one,lots of dope samples and familiar breaks, this remix also has some different lyrics.

13-Nexx Phase-Something Funky To Listen To (1991)
Produced by Marley Marl
From The In Control Vol 2 LP

I have always thought this was one of the dopest tracks of the second instalment of Marley Marl's In Control, it's just classic Marley production, horns? check,fat drums? check, sample from one of the Juice Crew? check and is very smooth, Nexx Phase?...well who knows, I am pretty sure this is all he ever did.

14-Mad Pack-Six Souls Singin (1993)
From The Six Souls Singin 12"

A little known crew from Syracuse, who released an album in 1997 (does anyone have it?)
, anyway this is a dope slice of independent Hip Hop, (nice horns and drums) that will take you back to the 90's (man how much I miss the 90's) and on that note...I say peace and hope you enjoy this fat tape.


1-Bancheez-Start My Mission
2-ASAP-Wrek The Art
3-Broadway-Must Stay Paid
4-KRS One-Mortal Thought (Kenny Parker Remix)
5-Channel Live-Reprogram (Easy Moe Bee Remix)
6-Da Neighbourhood Threat-Say What I Wanna Say
7-Lord Finesse-You Know What I'm About
8-K-Solo-Sneak Tip
9-D-Nice-To The Rescue (Solid Scheme Remix)
10-Organized Konfusion-Fudge Pudge (Bob T Remix)
11-Kid and Play-Bounce
12-The Pharcyde-Ya Mama (Baker Boys Remix)
13-Nexx Phase-Something Funky To Listen To
14-Mad Pack-Six Souls Singin

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