R.I.P. Lou Reed

Today was not a perfect day, in fact it was a sad morning, I awoke to the news that highly influential Rock legend Lou Reed had passed away at 71.

As a youth I used to listen to my Father's Lou Reed records and bought the "Sun City" 12" when it was first released (where it is now I have no idea though haha), I won't claim to be an expert on all of his music, but what I did listen to over the years was always enjoyable and he had a voice that was quite simply unique.

At a later stage I discovered The Velvet Underground and of course Lou and The Velvet Underground have been sampled in Hip Hop (we won't mention the terrible Jamie J. Morgan song and the Marky Mark & The Funky Bunch video below was pretty corny, but I left it in there, because the production was decent) particularly on the one of the greatest Hip Hop recordings ever made (see below) who Lou had no problem giving permission for use of the sample.

The music world has lost a true, great talent...RIP Lou Reed



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