J-Zone- New LP-The Peter Pan Syndrome

I have always felt that J-Zone has been one of the most unfairly underrated in the Rap game, he is a really dope producer who amasses some of the illest and quirkiest samples known to mankind, loves a fat break, plays drums, is a great and hilarious writer, amusing and entertaining MC and an encyclopedia on Hip Hop and music who still rocks cassettes and a walkman and uses samplers and fat old school monitors to make beats...now in 2013 he has not only hit off true heads and fans with a new album The Peter Pan Syndrome his first in 9 years features the M.I.A. Al Shid, Breeze Brewin, Celph Titled, Has-Lo, Oxygen and er Swagmaster Bacon (lol) but he also has dug deep into his cassette shoe boxes and shared unreleased demos from 1993-94, which clearly show that he was destined for longevity in Hip Hop.

Peep "Russian Roulette"

Pick up the Peter Pan Syndrome album below...(NB: All of the limited edition packages have sold out)

J-Zone's Website
J-Zone at Ego Trip
J-Zone at Facebook
J-Zone @Discogs

Hear Zone breakdown how he makes beats these days with his "2 Girlfriends-Betsy and Diana" and other amusing ancedotes...

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