Calcei - 7 Days LP

"7 Days" is a collaboration album between Detroit emcee Calcei, producer Three-O and pioneering D.J., D.J. Los

This is Calcei's fourth release following "Laces in Tongues Out" (2010), "Factotum" (2012) and "Short Songs" (February 2013).
"It is a narrative about a week in a life and pays tribute to the D.J.; the trail blazer in the origins of Hip-Hop. This project is meant to be played without pause; so don't skip any tracks!"
The instrumentals, provided by Three-O, have a jazzy, organic feel to them which perfectly compliments Calcei's laid back flow and DJ Los' dope scratches.

Peace to Calcei for sending me his dope music over the years and for being a good, humble and down to earth type.

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