R.I.P. Markey Fresh

So as the year goes on we lose yet another solider in Hip Hop, this time it was sadly New York born and bred Markey Fresh, a former member of the original line up of the Flavor Unit, first broke onto the scene, way back in 1988 on the dope "The King Is Here" with DJ Mark The 45 King and then he released "The Mack Of Rap" in 1989.

In 1993 there was the very limited release to DJ's and press of the "Once Again It's On" EP (with the awesome "Aint No Thang"
on it) and it was on Facebook that I saw Chill Rob G's status update saying R.I.P. To The Mack Of Rap Markey Fresh and I saw on another website that DJ Mark The 45 King said that he had passed away from a stroke, sadly there is very little info or pics out there about him, there is however a great interview with him at unkut,com though (thanks for the 12" cover pic Robbie)


other links on his passing



review of Once Again It's On EP from Diggers With Gratitude


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