Joint of The Week: Southpaw-"Break Wide" (1993)

Thanks to the beauty of the internet aka the World's biggest online music get to hear dope albums that you might have only been exposed to once or twice to back in the day (or not at all).

So a fat shout out goes to OGDonNinja for reminding me of the debut album from Cleveland, Ohio's Southpaw...I chose the track "Break Wide" as I have always loved the Prince "Under The Cherry Moon" loop, the breezy guitar sample and MC Breed sample from his classic "Aint No Future In Yo Frontin" the smooth flows of Prof K and Champion are the icing on the cake.

I highly recommend the Left Hand Rule album and if I could compare it to would be the debut album from OG Style-I Know How To Play Em which used a barrage of classic breaks and familiar samples and made them sound fresh which is exactly what the Left Hand Rule album does.


RIP Prince
RIP MC Breed
RIP The Original E (OG Style)
RIP Big Boss (OG Style, 4 Deep)

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