Joint of The Week: Dredknotz-Concentration (1994)

Every week I'm going to start featuring an older track that I feel deserves to be heard and this week it's the raw and pure mid 90's Hip Hop steez from Flatbush, Brooklyn's underrated Dredknotz with the track "Concentration" taken from the groups promo 12" of" Causin' A Menace" released in 1994.

I wish they had a full album but unfortunately the Dredknotz were one of the many artists that got jerked by the Elektra label (see INI, Deda etc) so it's not known if they recorded a full length album.

What's not to love here? A deep and rumbling bass line, horns (a 90's staple), phat drums, a classic Big Daddy Kane vocal cut to shreds and Benz's ill and raspy vocals.

For those not in the loop, Benz first appeared alongside Cage (aka Mudbones) in 1993 on Prime Minister Pete Nice's and Daddy Rich's first (and only) solo LP Dust To Dust on the joints "Rich Bring It Back" and "3 Blind Mice" along side Kurious respectively.

Check out Benz speaking on what happened with the Elektra deal and check out a video he released earlier in the year.

Mad props to Alexandre Circuit Power for the 320 rip of the Dredknotz joint :)


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