2017-J.M.S. Presents-Back To 97' Volume 1

Happy 2017!

I hope you all enjoyed the New Year's celebrations and we can now finally say good riddance to 2016...aside from the birth of our adorable daughter, last year was for myself and so many a very muddled and miserable year and the celebrity death toll was just staggering and mind numbing, the Grim Reaper needs a much needed holiday in 2017.

Here is the first compilation of the year...this year we will be celebrating the 20th year anniversaries of a lot dope albums and a lot of classic indie singles released back in '97.

Looking back 1997 was actually a lot better than I previously had thought, the production was often dark and melodious and the drums were hard and kicking, the samples crackled, while the bass-lines rumbled below and the horns wailed in the background, lyrics were still at the forefront as well but admittedly there was also a lot garbage (not as much as the pollution passing for Hip Hop these days though) produced as well that was steadily infiltrating the culture.

It is most likely that there is a previous Back To 97 compilation on this blog when it was CRDS but that link would be long dead.

2017 will also be the 10th anniversary of this blog and if there are any links you would like re-upped just let me know in the comments.

Highlight cut on this one for me is "Thinkin' About Cash"...
Blaq Poet and Hostyle from Screwball sounded perfectly at home on the crazy Beatnuts production which consisted of some ill Lou Rawl's drums and a catchy organ sample from Dick Hyman which The Beatnuts freaked ridiculously...Les and Ju tore the mic to shreds as well...not to mention Morgan Freeman from The Electric Company on the introduction sample.

2017-J.M.S. Presents-Back To 97' Volume 1

01-Boogiemonsters-Behold A Pale Horse
02-No I.D.- Original Man (feat. Dug Infinite)
03-DJ Krush-Supanova (Featuring Finsta Bundy)
04-EPMD ft Keith Murray & Redman-K.I.M.
05-Black Attack-Verbal Attack (Ft. Al' Tariq & Problemz)
07-Peanut Butter Wolf ft Encore-The Undercover
08-Fanatik-Home Improvement (Featuring – Eb. F)
09-Mood-Info For The Streets
10-The Beatnuts ft Blaq Poet & Hostyle-Thinkin 'Bout Cash
11-Common-1'2 Many
12-Peace Bureau-The Boom
13-O.C. ft Big-L-Dangerous
15-Camp Lo-Sparkle (Mr. Midnight Mix)

RIP Niran Mitchell
RIP 7th Dan

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