2017-J.M.S. Presents-Back To 97' Volume 2

Here is the second volume of the Back To 97 series, compiling this one was pure joy (just like it was with the first volume) this one feels like an old radio late night NYC radio show or an old
Weds Nite Jam show and has a lot of my faves from '97 which in essence was the finest year for Rawkus records and my Jansport backpack was chock full of CD's, tapes, 12" inches, rhymes and a fat marker it was also strapped on proudly haha...there are a handful of ill underground Canadian joints (Rascalz, Choclair, Illegal Justice, Down To Erf & Kardinal Offishall) on this one as well.

2017-J.M.S. Presents-Back To 97' Volume 2 (320 kpbs)

01 Big Kwam - Raw Skillz (Da Beatminerz Remix)
02 Artifacts - 31 Bumrush (Produced by Shawn.J Period)
03 Royal Flush - War
04 Mike Zoot - Service (Mayhem Remix)
05 Rascalz - Clockwork
06 Choclair - What It Takes (Remix) (Produced by Day)
07 I.G. Off & Hazadous - Hip Hop Till I Die (Produced by DJ Spinna)
08 Down Ta Erf - Formation (Produced by The Golden Boy)
09 Major Stress - Sippin' Yo' Mo (Produced by Salaam Remi)
10 Illegal Justice - Da Illest
11 Jungle Brothers - Where You Wanna Go (Produced by Djinji Brown)
12 Reflection Eternal feat Mos DefMr. Man - Fortified Live
13 Lord Sear - Alcoholic Vibes
14 The WhoRidas-  Till The Wheels Fall Off (Produced by Jay-Z (Hobo Junction)
15 Kardinal Offishall - Make It Happen Featuring Red-1

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