Joint of the Week: Stezo - "Rap Field" (1996)

As a longtime fan of Stezo - hailing from New Haven, Connecticut and starting out as a former dancer for EPMD and really dope MC and Producer in his own right and also famous for the first use of the infamous Skull Snaps break discovered by another Connecticut legend
Dooley-O and of course the classic late 80's tracks "It's My Turn", "Freak The Funk" and "To The Max" as well as his debut Crazy Noize album (but the less said about his jeans and jean jacket the better haha) although I have really fond memories of picking up that record at the legendary The Soul Mine record store after school on a Thursday afternoon and putting it on repeat for days on end, the point of this story?, I got  quite drunk at a party and decorated my jeans with names ala Stezo steez haha.

Anyway, It is always dope discovering music of his that either went unreleased or was only released on a European compilation that you completely forgot about.

Case in point "Rap Field"...chock full of crispy bacon, kicking drums, bass kicks and a strumming guitar and an ill vocal sample this is/was a sure-shot.

I'm not sure what year this was recorded but it does have a very 95-96 sound to it.

Dope Folks released a collection of Stezo rarities in 2015 that is well worth checking out and and Stones Throw released "Piece of The Pie" in 2004 (which had more than a few lyrical barbs aimed at Erick and Parish)

I have included "Figure It Out" as a bonus track.

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