Joint of the Week: PMD - Many Often Wonder (1997)

I was a big fan of PMD's second solo album (which celebrated it's 20th year anniversary in 2016) and this cut was recorded at the same time that he did the sinister strings laden remix for "It's A Pee 97" with Prodigy (and Havoc on production) also on this 12" was the Charlie Marrotta produced "Kool Kat" and the sequel (of sorts) to 1989's "Knick Knack Paddy Wack" only this time PMD enlisted Das EFX, L Da Pro (as far as I'm aware this was all he was ever on) and Nocturnal (who also had potential but vanished from the scene) on mic duties.

Never the less "Many Often Wonder" is a dope self-produced joint that is bare bones in production, reminiscent of early 90's PMD and contains a vocal sample of EPMD's "Rampage" cut.


P.S. I will no longer be using the JMS Soundcloud account as Soundcloud restricts pretty much everything I upload.

I have created an Audiomack account so feel free to follow or send requests.

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