Joint of the Week: Biz Markie-"I'm Singin" (1993)

The Honorable Judge Biz Markie overlooking proceedings.

After Biz changed the course of sampling in Hip Hop for like ever!...due to uncleared samples (mainly Gilbert O'Sullivan's "Alone Again") on his I Need A Haircut LP (1991) he came back in 1993 with his fourth album, the amusing All Samples Cleared album and this dope cut was always a fave.

Sure  the legendary The Beatnuts used the Grassella Oliphant's version of "Get Out of My Life Woman" first for Kurious's timeless "Walk Like A Duck" but I always thought that T-Ray used it differently and Biz blessed the m.i.c. lovely, you had him running through a ton of zany pop culture references and songs and Biz going for broke in his hilarious ("up your nose with a rubber nose" lol), mush mouthed and lovable way..."even Robin scream Holy Hip Hop Bizman" haha.

NB: Biz and the Juice Crew have been touring around the US lately and they haven't lost a step, there is quite a bit of footage on Instagram.


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