The CRDS Fat Tape Vol 16

Big ups for the great feedback I got on the last volume, here is volume 16, download, extract, turn up loud and enjoy

The CRDS Fat Tape Vol 16

1-3 6 philly-funky alcohol (1992)
2-funke natives-small talk on 125th street
3-e.c.h.o.-all about bouncin (bouncin mix) (1992)
4-figure uv speech-ready to wreck (club version) (1993)
5-budda rex-funk philly funk (1995)
6-call o da wild-clouds of smoke (1995)
7-clept the contortionist-rappers delight 2 (1996)
8-renaissance-flyz in the attic (1991)
9-sahnuhtyashun duhpartment muzik-perpetual infinite (never ending) (1999)
10-trendz of culture ft method man & treach-who got my back (1993)
11-edo.g & da bulldogs-be a father to your child (first born mix) (1991)
12-slick rick-i sparkle (1999)
13-da noe doe network-doe biz
14-five bros.wit ugly clothes-cats don't realize (1998)
15-yz-maflobi pimp strut (1994)
16-funk children-step it up (1994)

Big thanks to my man Matt Nyce (don't forget to check out Midschool Heat Vol 2, it's a burner) and Chris for some of the hook ups, much appreciated fellas.

Also don't forget that 2 of my favourite blogs, Ministry of Information and Sayin Fresh Rhymes now have a forum
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