Digging In The Tapes # 1...This That Ish Volume 1 (1995)

I got back a fat box of my old school tapes (you know those plastic things with 2 holes and reels of tape that wound around lol) and I got so many great memories from going through the first box and I decided to give away as much as I could to give my children, new homes and a new lease on life, amongst all of the tapes were some dope compilations, 2 from 1995, 1 from 1997 and 1 from 1998 (there were many others, but they didn't have track lists and I don't have a tape deck at the moment) so I decided to do the ones that had track listings and do them up and post them here, I hope you enjoy them as much as I did back in the days and today.

This That Ish Vol 1 (1995)


1-Real Live-Real Live Shit (Produced by K-Def)
2-Special Ed
-Neva Go Back (Produced by Howie Tee)
3-Jamal ft Redman, Keith Murray & LOD-
Genetic For Terror (Produced by Redman & Rockwilder)
4-Kool G Rap-
It's A Shame (Dr Butcher Remix) (Produced by Dr Butcher)
5-Camp Lo-
Coolie High (Red Handed Tape Masters Mix) (Produced by DJ Red Handed)

6-Ten Thieves
-It Don't Matter (Produced by Stretch)

7-Fab 5
-Leflaur Leflah Eshkoshka (Produced by Tony Moore)

8-Tha Alkaholiks-Coast II Coast (Produced by E-Swift)
9-Triflicts-Genuine (Produced by The Beatnuts)
10-Rob Swift ft Cracker Jax-Sly Rhymes (Produced by Rob Swift)
11-Smif-N-Wessun-Sound Bwoy Buriell (Re-Edit) (Produced by Baby Paul)
12-Cypress Hill-Killafornia ( Produced by DJ Muggs)
13-GZA f Ghostface and RZA-4th Chamber (Produced by RZA)
14-Mood-Hustle On The Side (Produced by Hi-Tek)
15-Show and AG-You Know Now (Remix) (Produced by Buckwild)

This post is dedicated to Lua, Grafik, Airan, Jason and Jen Guy-Clement, Don Luchito, A to the G, Dom C, Footsouljahs Jakes, DJ Pop Up, Mikki-D, Phil Bell, Turks and Molly, DJ SMV and Kayze, Apsara, Rhys-B, MVC Posse, AL, Juse 1 and Kurst and Welli Deep, Tim Ward, Maz Def, Justin T, King Kapisi, Tha Feelstyle, Koma, Omega B, Tom from Homebrew, Jason Cleminson, Ayna and hubby, Grandmaster Aki-D & Stacey, Kat1, Litsa, Kimmy Kim, Kay One, Martha S, Lukas, Leary, Ridge Jaggers and Po Cus, Raw Deal and ATS, Kase, Lach, Ben and Tyna (LCA), Adam B, Nathan E, Matt K, Raymond Smith, Mark Greene, Simon Spitfire Jones, B-Boy Loyal T, Shawn T, Travis, Eric and Dart from Bloggerhouse, Big D.O., Verge, Larry B, Joel and Lisa, Valentin, Monsta and X-Clan, Magnifik and Illest22, aREAL, Badman Kame, Rob Lawson, Dougpark, Manu, Rich Rush Ben Sonic-city, Kiri and Leon, Tones, Anthony B, Chris Moore, Mana MC, Joff and Auds, A T, G Tahu, Steve S, Akta Bra, Foul Mouth, Mat King, Aaron D, Jill Cent, Jay and Dart (HBK), Laz E Laz, Cosm and DFI, Lee U and all of my crew in B-Boy Classics and Timeless Joints and to all of my friends on Facebook and cheers to my Dad for dropping off the box.

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