2017 - JMS Presents - EPMD -The Remix Files (Redux)

In celebration of the highly influential Long Island legends Erick Sermon and Parrish Smith's incredible 30 years plus deep in the Rap game and 10 years of the J.M.S. blog (formerly Cold Rock Da Spot), I have re-done a long dead compilation from 2007 and I am giving you pretty much a definitive EPMD compilation of remixes (official and unofficial), Non LP cuts and B-Sides that is 30 tracks deep :)

I really don't need to go into depth about EPMD aka "The Rap American Dream Team" in this post because it has already been written and well documented on this blog that I would definitely consider myself a Super Fan and they are still to me the greatest 2 Man MC duo in Hip Hop history, it's still hard to believe that this 12" happened over 30 years ago and they were known as EPEE MD.

Both E & P are still at it and they are scheduled to release another EPMD album Big Business in 2018.

So a massive salute and thank you to the legendary Erick Sermon and Parrish Smith, Hip Hop, not just for the music but the entire culture would just not be the same without you.

2017 - JMS Presents - EPMD -The Remix Files (Redux) (VBR) 
NB: I decided to post up single links otherwise it will be quite a large file to download.

01 Strictly Business (Club Mix)

02 So Wat Cha Sayin' (Club Version)
03 Crossover (Trunk Mix)
04 I'm Mad (DJ Scratch Jazz Mix)
05 You Gots To Chill (Dub Version)
06 Give The People (Erick & Parrish Remix)
07 Rampage (Hardcore To The Head Mix)
08 Gold Digger (E& P's Remix)
09 Headbanger (Remix Radio Edit)
10 Brothers From Brentwood L.I.
11 Rampage (Remix Extended)
12 Never Seen Before (Remix)
13 I'm Housin' (UK Mix)
14 Get Off The Bandwagon (Remix)
15 I'm Mad (Red Man Mix)
16 It's My Thing (Club)
17 Give The People (Jeep Mix)
18 Symphony 2000 (Remix) (Feat. Redman, Method Man)
19 (Everybody) Get Up (EPMD Diesel Remix)
20 You're A Customer (Club Mix)
21 Crossover (Test Pressing Remix)
22 Strictly Space Rockers Business (Beta Sector Rework)
23 The Big Payback [Club Mix]
24 Knick Knack Patty Wack [Soopafly G-Mix]
25 You Gots To Chill (Chad Jackson Remix)
26 I'm_Housin (Soul Focus Remix)
27 Never Seen Before Vocal (DJ Cash Money Remix)
28 Strictly Business (Return To The Old School Remix)
29 The Main Event Feat. Keith Murray (U.S. Radio Version)
30 Never Seen Before (Vinyl Reanimators Remix)

Bonus Joint :EPMD - Scratch Bring It Back Part 2 Mic Doc Remix (In Living Color Version)

Big props to 1200tech at YouTube for this one.

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