Fave Hip Hop 12" Covers...

I have been posting up a series of photos on my Instragram and thought I should do it on the JMS blog and include some music to go along with the descriptions...so without further ado, these are some of my all time fave Hip Hop 12" covers (I will add to this post each time I post up at IG)

Always loved this one: Redman in the corner mean grilling it and sporting a wild fro, a Philly blunt in hand and rocking a Carharrt hoodie with a city buildings and blue sky backdrop, "Rockafella" was the lead single release from Red's classic second LP, Dare Iz A Darkside (1994) (go back to this album if you haven't heard it in years).

The flipside of this 12" was also ill, it featured Red and DJ Twins rocking black skullies (Red's was a Carhartt one) and laced up Timberland boots (DJ Twins) and hoodies and the photo was shot in what looks to be under a bridge or overpass.

"Rockafella" is not necessarily the greatest thing Redman has done but it was still dope and the remix provided by Erick Sermon gave heads a taste of what his sophomore solo album Double or Nothing would be like.

Redman - Rockafella (Remix)

Next one up soon...
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