2016-J.M.S.-Presents - Non LP Cuts Vol 1

Edit: For some reason I never actually posted this...better late than never right?

Older heads will remember how much of a thrill it was when you would pick up a 12" inch and the artists had included a track that was not on the album that you had on constant rotation...and more often than not you would think why was it not on the album? I mean EPMD's-'Brothers From Brentwood L.I." (often stated as the ultimate B-Side/Non LP cut of all time) would have been perfect on the Business Never Personal album and Das EFX's "Hard Like A Criminal" which would have sat just right on the Dead Serious album.

As would have Gang Starr's "Credit Is Due" on the Step In The Arena album but it would actually have been more in place on the A Daily Operation album.

I never understood why Mic Geronimo's "Hemmin Heads" never made it on The Natural album and how on earth was the superb Lord Finesse produced "22 Years" from Ill Biskits not on their debut album?

Now I know that these compilations have absolutely been done before, hell my man Slurg even had a blog dedicated to the B-Side and Robbie at Unkut has had a decent run down of some as well but I wanted to make my own personal compilation.

From my dusty memory it was around the early or mid 80's when record companies were giving the record buying public a little extra but it really was in the 90's were they became such a staple on a 12" inch, cassingle or CD single.

So here is a compilation I am quite proud of as I think it just feels like an old 90's NYC radio show...and these are certainly some of my all time favourite Non LP/Bonus cuts and B-Sides.


2016-JMS Presents-Non LP Cuts Vol 1

01-Mad Skillz - Skillz In '95 (Dirty Mix) (1995)
02-Casual ft Pep Love - Rock On (1994)
03-EPMD - Brothers From Brentwood L.I. (1992)
04-H20 - Hip Hop Lifestyle (1994)
05-Black Sheep - Still In The Ghetto (1992)
06-Redman ft Roz - I Get Down Like That (1995)
07-Pete Rock and CL Smooth - We Specialize (1996)
08-De La Soul ft Jeff - Mack Daddy On The Left (1989)
09-Del Tha Funkee Homosapien ft Q-TipPep Love - The Undisputed Champs (1993)
10-Gang Starr - Credit Is Due (1991)
11-Ill Biskits - 22 Years (1994)
12-Mic Geronimo - Hemmin' Heads (Cheeba Version) (1994)
13-Shyheim - The B Side-Licka Shot (1994)
14-Greyson & Jasun - No Shortz (1991)
15-Craig Mack - Shinika (1994)
16-Keith Murray - Pay Per View (featuring Passione, LBM, Kel Vicious) (1995)
17-Fat Joe feat. Big Pun and Raekwon - Firewater (1995)
18-Saafir - Pull Ya Card (1994)
19-De La Soul feat. Biz Markie - Lovely How I Let My Mind Float (1993)
20-Kwame - Wake It Up (1992)
21-Mysterme and DJ 2020 - Couldn't Get It Right (1993)

Bonus Joint: Das EFX - "Hard Like A Criminal" (1992)

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