Anttex...Talk That Talk

Sadly, there isn't a lot about Hollis, Queen's, Anttex or this album out in the big bad World and that's a shame because some of this album sounds even better in 2007 than it did when it was first released in 1991, on the always delivering Tuff City label (Grandmaster Caz, DJ Mark The
45 King, Lakim Shabazz & The Flavor Unit,PHD,YZ and mad others (see below for release links).

Anttex and The
Motherfunkin' Klik had an Old School style with new school-ish beats(all crafted by Anttex) and it worked well and still does.

Anttex's flow was laid back and smooth and the lyrics often about his sexual prowess or a sometimes confusing hardcore steez, (dude you lived with your Mother and she told you to turn the sound down on the album intro ha ha) but at times it could be just a little too laid back and you would wish he would change his tone to set the faster beats.

Suburban Etiquette's production was jazzy and funk breaks based, yet sparse and effective and often used change ups as opposed to just straight loops (some of the keyboards sound really dated now though).

It's by no means a classic album but it is a solid album to check if you haven't,

Best tracks on the album for me would be Understand Me Vanessa,Talk That Talk, Hot Summer Days, To The Climax.

Peace to my Man M Bane

Anttex & The Motherfunkin Klik
Suburban Etiquette
Tuff City Records
  1. Wake Up People
  2. Trip 2 the Suburbs
  3. Get Em Now (Bad Influence)
  4. Crack Ya Back
  5. Flavor Wit the Neighbors - Anttex and The Mother Funkin Clik,
  6. Girls Like We Know - Anttex and The Mother Funkin Clik, Freedom & Whiskey
  7. Warning Flammable - Anttex and The Mother Funkin Clik, Freedom & Whiskey
  8. Gto and the Funky Horns
  9. Skull Funkin
  10. Talk That Talk - Anttex and The Mother Funkin Clik,
  11. Ki Ki Bobo
  12. Hot Summer Daus
  13. Understand Me Vanessa
  14. To the Climax
  15. As the World Turns - AD, Anttex and The Mother Funkin Clik,
  16. Dedicate
  17. Oh Oliva
Anttex's other 12" releases and Tuff City Catalogue
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