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When New York's wonder kids Siah and Yeshua sadly departed ways in the late 90's after the ill The Vizualz album was released on Bobbito Garcia's legendary Fondle' Em records label , Yesh jumped over to the dope Brooklyn, NY label Headbop, which was run (and still is) by Pocho and released a few quality 12" inches from Wee Bee Foolish, Jedi and Subconcious (most of which Yeshua produced himself) along with a couple of albums...the label is thankfully still going and has according to Pocho Big Plans for 2007 which is great news but as a fan and being honest, I found it was during 98-2003 when the label was at it's most prolific times...Artists with the label today include Mike Swift and J-Hon aka Heez Hefner

Headbop should be a label that more kids love and know, all there releases were dope and I'm looking forward to the new material.

Headbop Discography:

1998-Wee Bee Foolish-Tiger Boogs/Tiger Boogs (Boogie Allen Mix)/Time Will Tell/Time Will Tell(Angry Ed remix)

1998-Jedi The Son of Spock-



The Journey



Pushin Orbitz


Zeitgeist/Vizionz in The Mind

2001-Wee Bee Foolish-This Kid/Turn It Out

2001-Wee Bee Foolish-Main Attraction/What Cha Need/Doin It Up

2002-Wee Bee Foolish-Brighton Beach Memoirs LP

2003-Wee Bee Foolish-Maximus/Heav Y/Promo 98(Night Train)

2003-J-Hon-The Fat Ass Album

2004-Wee Bee Foolish-Puttin In Work/What It Is

http://www.headbop.com (includes a download of some ill Yehsua demos)

Interview with Jedi from 2005 at Unkut.Com


Yeshua Discography 97-04







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