Madlib...The Bad Kid...

...Aka The Beat Konducta

I could easily write a 5 page essay on the great, prolific and very diverse Oxnard producer,(first started producing in 1991-992) he is in my opinion one of the greatest ever behind the boards, from his lo fi and raw Hip Hop production to his Jazz workouts to the fact that he can work with any artist and create not only a dope track but a certain vibe and tone with each artist.

Madlib comes from a very talented family so it's not really surprising that his younger brother Oh No has followed in Lib's footsteps...(Oh No will be a later blog post)

Even though some people don't consider Madlib as dope as he was I think are not really listening closely,and his work on the 2007 Talib Kweli-Liberation EP is just fantastic, I think 20 years down the line, his beats and work ethic will be fondly remembered.I'm not going to compose the essay but instead I am going to let the music speak for itself, this is a collection of Madlib produced tracks from the 90's to the 00's...each track in my view, is well worth your listening time, I hope you enjoy these tracks if you haven't heard them before and please leave feedback if you check the joints out.

If this one does well I have other volumes... :)





3-epitome_earthquake-2000-(epitome was oh no and sauna)
6-lootpack_bone_marrow -1999
7-zion_i_ft_planet_asia_critical (madlib remix)-2000
9-foreign_legion_nowhere_2_hide_(madlib_static remix)-2000
13-lootpack_lost_art (remix)-1998
16-lootpack-questions (remix)-1999
17-planet_asia_ft_madlib_definiton_of_ill (remix)-2000
18-lootpack_the_anthem (madlib_remix)-1998
20-percee-p-throwback rap attack(original version)-2006
21-kazi-wake up (unreleased remix)-2000

Madlib's Stones Throw Discography

Madlib @ My Space

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