Tom J (in the house...Tom...Tom J...) and Steve Austin, 2 dope White kids that went went to the same Brentwood High School as Erick Sermon and were supposed to be the next out of the infamous Hit Squad camp but suffered badly because of the animosity between Erick and Parrish, this album was never actually released and it's such a freaking shame...It's pure dopeness, solid and ill and of course familiar beats and production from E. Sermon, Charlie Marotta & Parrish Smith

Tom J and Steve Austin had style, sure all they pretty much rhymed about was booze, weed, cars, cops and broads but so what?... it was enjoyable and they bounced rhymes off each other like an early EPMD and speaking of the dynamic duo, they actually mention The Knucklehedz on Nobody's Safe Chump from 1992's Business Never Personal album.

Strickly Savage is just a good party, head-nod album and is quite infectious and worth hearing if you haven't, even if they did have some success with the album if it was released properly they still most probably would have felt the cut when East West cleared out a vast amount of it's Hip Hop roster in the mid 90's, my standout cut would probably be Girlies Keep Screamin'...and next Hed Rush and Party Wrecka

I know the ill WYDU blog has done a post on this album before but this is an album I love and still rock frequently

1993-Knucklehedz-Strickly Savage LP

01. Hed Rush
02. Savages
03. Wuntz Upon A Time
04. Party Wrecka
05. Uglee Pictures
06. Girlies Keep Screamin'
07. All She Wanted
08. Trouble Makas
09. 5 Hoods In A 4 Door
10. Who Called Da Cops
11. Joy Ridin'
12. Merlin

tracks 1, 2, 3, 5, 6 & 8 produced by Charlie (MacGyver) Marotta
tracks 4, 9 & 11 produced by Parrish Smith
tracks 7, 10 &12 produced by Erick Sermon
tracks 2, 6, 7, 9 & 12 co-produced by Knucklehedz

Edit: I have just been speaking with Tom J at Facebook and he really appreciates his fans, he had no idea
that Stricktly Savage was released in Germany and he still writes and might have some material out in the future.

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