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>>>>now 1994...

Ahhhhhhh the memories, the beats,the bass lines, the loops, the rhymes, the diversity, the talent, the creativity,the MC's and groups that were doing it good for the soul and the culture.

1994 is my third favourite year in rap music, 1988 and 1992 taking first and second place respectively...

Just like those years, 94 had a certain aura and sound and so many ill and classic singles and albums were released from all over, of course from the get go when any rap fan thinks back to 1994...2 MC's and 2 Classic and essential albums come to mind right? (of course I am talking about Nas-Illmatic and B.I.G.'s-Ready To Die)

Yes?...well good we are on the same level (lol) ha it's because they are my 2 fave albums of 1994 and I hold so many fond memories from both.

But man 94 had so many, many, many other diverse and dope artists as well,it seemed that every couple of weeks there was a fresh new style, single and album and really I think that it's only when you remember back that you get what was so special about that year and that the vibe and sound that was created... for the past few weeks I have spent some time on this Back To 94 compilation,I just wanted to at least try to re-create what the quality of Hip Hop was like in those days, think of this like an old Fat Tape...because a lot of these where on mixes and comps I had back in 1994...and I went through a lot of tracks and different line ups.

Peace and feel free to leave a comment if you check this...(extra special thanks to Smoov from Vinyl Addicts)

jaz presents-back_to_1994_volume_1

1-pete_rock_and_cl_smooth-get on the mic (pete rock remix)

2-king_tee-you cant see me (prod: broadway)

3-a.d.o.r-the kid is crazy (prod: diamond_d)

4-bas_blasta-aint_whatcha_do (prod: beatnuts)


5-shorty long-shorty’s doing his thang (prod: lord finesse)


7-extra_prolific-never changing (prod: snupe)

8-e-rule-synopsis (prod: king born allah)

9-black sheep-autobiographical

10-world renown-come take a ride (west coast vibe) (prod: marley marl)

11-down_south-open_sesame (prod: beatnuts)

12-fat_joe-the shit is real (dj premier remix)


13-keith murray-the most_beautifulest thing in the world (erick sermon green eyed remix)

video (for lp version)

14-kurious_ft_sadat x & mike g-a mansion and a yacht (groove merchantz mix)


15-quinton-im_not_an_mc (prod: j-swift)

16-redman - bobyahed2dis (prod: erick sermon)

17-society -rap as an art (prod: dj slice)

18-slick_rick-get a job (prod: pete rock)

19-people_without_shoes-green_shoe_laces (prod: m.g.)

20-the_legion- legion groove (prod: c.m.e.)

21-dredknotz- the anthem (prod: big ezo)

22–pmd-shade business (beatnuts remix)

23-brand nubian - return of the dread

24-craig mack ft b.i.g., ll cool j, busta rhymes & rampage - flava in ya ear (remix)


25-sham_and_the_professor_the_so-low-ist (kenny dope remix)

The following is a list of just some of the artists that were around in 1994

Above The Law


Asia Born

Bas Blasta

Beastie Boys

Black Moon


Boodah an Da Bandit

Boogie Monsters

Brand Nubian


Bustin Melonz

Big Mike

Charizma & Peanut Butter Wolf

CMW (MC Eiht)

Common Sense

Craig Mack

Da Bush Babees

Da Youngstas


Diamond D

Down South (Shawn J Periods first group)

Dred Scott

ED OG & Da Bulldogs

Extra Prolific

Fat Joe


Ghetto Philharmonic

Grand Daddy I.U.


Ground Floor

Hard 2 Obtain

Heavy D


Keith Murray

King Sun

King Tee



Lord Finesse

Lords of The Underground


Mad Lion

Maestro Fresh Wes

Method Man



Odd Squad



Pete Rock & CL Smooth


Project Blowed


Ras Kass

RBL Posse

Ready Ta Roll




Shadz of Lingo

Sham & The Professor

Shorty Long


Slick Rick

Smif N Wesson


The Alkaholiks

The Beatnuts

The Dredknotz

The Roots

Top Quality


Volume 10

Yaggfu Front

Stay tuned for Volume 2...

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