DJ Ace and Daquan...

Man, I really wish I could give you a picture of what these guys look like or give any info really but this is what happens when dope records are rare...

I was first exposed to the crushing Give It Up way back in 1988 on a show that I ended up running years later (peace to Rhys-B, 2-Ski and the MVC Posse and Old School Weds Nite Jam crew)...I asked many people for years and years about this track and no one knew who they were or had even heard of the track.

It wasn't until 2004 when I placed messages on about 10 Hip Hop related forums when some very helpful kids from a forum (I forget which one sorry)
told me what and who it was, I always said it was DJ Ace, as the MC Daquan mentioned him.

This is one of my favourite ever joints and the slowed down legendary 'Amen Brother'(The Winstons) break and the UFO strings still give me chills as does the way Daquan rhymed like no one else in 1988, the B-Side Hard To The Core was just as good with a beautiful Jackson 5 track being cut up on the hook (I might be mistaken but it certainly sounds like a young M.J.) and DJ Ace going to work on the tables on some spacey shit, the main loop being the Issac Hayes classic Ike's think that this came out in 1987 is still incredible, kids were really creative back then...I miss those days.

This will be 20 Years old this year...can you believe that?

DJ Ace and Daquan:
(Hunsar Records, Fort Lee, NJ. 1987)

Give It Up

Hard To The Core

The Winstons-Amen Brother
from The Colour Him Father 7"-1969

Issac Hayes-Ikes Mood
from To Be Continued LP-1970

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