Back To 1997...

To be straight up, honestly it is an honour to have been exposed to these dope joints the first time around in 1997, but if you are only hearing them now then welcome, they did it much better back in 97, it's not one of my all time fave years in rap music(that belongs to 1988,1992 and 1994) but there was a lot of talent and solid releases.

I personally feel that all of the material on this collection has stood the test of time and that's why I did this compilation up to share some of the tracks I rocked hard on the radio show, in my headphones or on my stereo.

All of the top producers were in full swing in 1997, DJ Premier, Pete Rock, Bu
ckwild, Show, Diamond D, The Beatnuts,Nick Wiz, No I.D., Erick Sermon etc...but also Hi-Tek was introduced to us through Mood,The Artifacts dropped a dope follow up to 1994's Between A Rock & A Hard Place, Premo laced classics for Biggie (RIP)Jeru, Krumb Snatcha, OC, Sauce Money and of course Gangstarr and a few others.

Mobb Deep were still dope and doing shit up for CNN, (
What What!!!) Cormega and DV Alias Khrist amongst others, EPMD came back with a good (not a classic though) album, No I.D. released one of the years best albums and tracks and The Cru were pretty tight as well

Organized Konfusion released a great and interesting concept album (The Equinox), Beatnuts gave us Big Pun (RIP) and the Stone Crazy LP, Diamond D released a good solid second LP, we were introduced to Dead Prez through Loud records, Marely Marl was still making dope beats (see Kamakazee's Snakes), Godfather Don was on the scene and making ill beats, Rakim came back with another good album and had beats from DJ Premier and Pete Rock and Buc

Bobbito Garcia's Fondle' Em
records re-introduced Zev Luv X to us as the incomparable MF Doom and gave us great 12"s from Scienz of Life, Lord Sear and Cage who had us saying right, right a lot (and some silly kids putting needles in their lips) and Chicago's Molemen showcased there dark and ill beats through Vakill , All Natural and Juice.

Stones Throw records were introduced to the World via the late, great Charizma (RIP) in 1996 and later with Rasco and Encore releasing solid material in 97,and of course the Wu-Tang Clan had fans divided with the Wu Tang Forever Double LP (but still got love regardless).

A massive output of indie vinyl was released steadily in 1997 from the likes of

Bee Why
Natural Elements
Kukoo Da Bag Of Bonez
Finsta Bundy
Brainsick Mob
Brainsick Enterprize
Sir Menelik
Sacred Hoop

Lower Life FormsR.A. The Rugged Man
Mike Zoot, Lace Da Booms and so many more, which of course will be uploaded on future comps.

Rawkus was the number one indie label, putting out the classic Soundbombing 1 compilation, also Company Flow were taking the reign as leaders of the underground movement and released the Funcrusher Plus LP.

That was just a brief rundown on 97...and if you want to know more I will put up some more info in the next installment, much love for checking the blog, getting the music and leaving feedback.


Back To 1997 Fat Tape-Volume One...

1-colored section - bomb mc original recipe (prod :coke)
2-mood_karma (prod: hi_tek)
3-beatnuts_do you believe (prod: beatnuts)
4-scienz_of_life_powers of nine ether (prod: don_q)
5-visionaries_blessings (prod: j_rocc)
6-bee why-remember the times
7-encore_defined by the dollar (prod: architect)
8-rakim_the saga begins (prod: pete_rock)
9-defari - bionic (prod: evidence)
10-lord_sear_alcoholic vibes (prod: lord_sear)
11-godfather_don-piece_of_the_action (prod: godfather_don)
12-no_i.d.-the_real_weight(prod: no_i.d.)
13-all_natural_drug wars (prod: molemen)
14-dv_alias_khrist_ft_mobb_deep_building (prod: havoc)
15-the dwellas - main aim (prod: nick_wiz)
16-kamakazee – snakes (prod: marley_marl)
17-cormega-angel dust(prod: sha-self)
18-rawcotiks – nevertheless (prod: choco)
19-oc-war gamez (prod: dj premier)
20-artifacts-the ultimate (showbiz remix)
21-mystik_journeymen_black sands (prod: sunspot jonez)

special thanks to Indie Cratez, Brakk and Frogga...

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