Society- Yes N Deed?...Yes Indeed...

Most kids would know Luke Records to be home for the dirty mouthed crew, 2 Live Crew and the once anti semitic Professor Griff (Public Enemy) briefly, but Luke actually branched out into some concious(gulp) and decent underground Hip Hop fare, DJ Slice (The Miami one) laced this EP with pure flavour, as Yes N Deed smashes speakers with the booming 'Ode To Billy Joe" drums, Parkay samples a classic loop from the Wild Style soundtrack) and Rap Is An Art (uses a dope Gangstarr sample from Take It Personal and interesting enough a sample DJ Premier later used for You Know My Steez and What Is A Man uses a familiar loop and the classic Headhunters-God Made Me Funky drums.

Society vanished after this dope EP but I guess you could say he came out at just the right time and left us with this great piece of music.

Society-Yes N Deed

1. Hotep (Intro)
2. Yes 'N' Deed
3. F.U.N.K. (From Us Nasty Kidz)
4. A.I.D.S. (Prelude)
5. Parkay
6. Rap As An Art
7. Man 'O' Man (Prelude) - (with Professor Griff)
8. What Is A Man?

Personnel: Society (rap vocals), D.J. Slice (scratches), Lord Mecca, The Mighty Buda. Engineers: Ted Stien, Tommy Afonte, Eddie Miller (all tracks). Recorded at Luke Recording Studios, Miami, Florida.
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