JVC Tapedeck Fat Tape Vol 4

Here weeeeeeeeee go with Volume 4 and you will note that I have now cut these comps down to 15 tracks, the reason?...well some of my readers burn these comps onto CD and I want to try and get the comps to fit on an 80 minute CD joint.

1-Godfather Don-Sleep (unreleased until 2007)
from the Godfather Don-The Nineties Session LP
Produced By: Godfather Don

Godfather Don was one of the illest to ever do it, behind the boards and the mic and if you listen to this unreleased until this years incredible The Nineties Session album, you will hear Don taking stabs at fake MC's and a fucked up record industry, propelled with a great Nas sample and a haunting plucked strings sample that becomes as addictive as anything, I feel privileged that Traffic Entertainment got these jewels from Godfather Don...

I miss his sound and style more than you know...highly essential and so ill.

link for you to buy this album and support a true underground artist:

2-Gruf-Payday (2001)
from the Druidry LP
Produced By: mcenroe

I thought a great follow up to the Don joint would be from Winnpeg's Gruf produced by the sadly under rated mcenroe, just listen to that string sample,the drums, that vocal chat and the general vibe and feel of the track, the whole album is worth well checking and out and his 2nd album Hopeless (2005) was good, but not as good as this album.

Gruf more than hold his own this and drops conscious and thoughtful lyrics, something that is needed in a lot of today's Hip Hop more than ever.

3-Of Mexican Descent-I Am Still (1998)
from the Exitos Y Mas Exit Lp
Produced By: Evidence

I will admit that I think 2 Mex (Visionaries,Mind Clouders etc) does far too much and not all of it is good, but the Of Mexican Descent albums were a highlight in his career, I still find it a little hard to believe that the man behind the boards is none other than Evidence on this because while I like a lot of Ev's beats some of his material has been below average to be honest, anyway check those slow drums, those laid back and dope Spanish strings and the butter smooth flows of 2 Mex and the hard to pronounce Xolalolanxinxo, anyway the whole album is worth checking.

4.Massive Ring-Middle East (1993)
from the Middle East 12"
Produced By: Bill Source

Finally!!!, I haven't got the B-Side "The Funk Wrecker" yet, but I love this all the same, it's because it's so sparse and all of the MC's (Bill, Tru, Taquan & Ra Loce) are dope that make this a winner.

Hard hitting Lonnie Liston smith drums, a vocal sample from (I think RUN DMC?), soulful bass and horns that could have been stolen out of Pete Rock's crates, there is sadly very little known about this crew, but I can tell you that they were from Maryland in Washington DC
and step to me, you better step to the Middle East is not a chant about Dubai...lol.

Timeless 90's Hip Hop.

5-Operation Ratification-Trey Pound God (1993)
from the Ill Kid Jumbo Sampler
Produced By: Guru

I was sent a link to the Ill Kid Jumbo Sampler 12" a few weeks ago (Thanks Matt :) and I thought, wait a minute, I read about this once, but never saw it and none of these cuts appeared on the Ill Kid compilation in 1995, this EP was only pressed in limited edition numbers and isn't going for a $12345.000 at e bay just yet...lol


Here is Panchi (NYGZ) tearing up a dope track, that kicks off with a Redman sample, deep bass, fat drums, a scratch on the beat and a guitar loop and it's a Banger son!

The other joints on the EP are from Bahamadia, Stikken Moov, and HL Rock

6-Trife ft D-Mob-So What (1995)
from the So What EP
Produced By:Trife & D-Mob

Another awesome example of simple and sparse Hip Hop, a classic fat break, a fuzzy guitar sample (damn I know this), bass drops and an eq'd sample with the capable MC Trife riding the beat with ease, this a rare NYC indie and Trife apparently did an album with D-Mob titled Guntowns Finest, but I have never seen it, maybe you have?.

Eat Em Up Trife

7-Double XX Posse-On A Mission (1990)
from the Executive Class 12"
Produced By:Melo-Odoms & Sugar Ray

I have always been a fan of this crew and had been looking for this for mad years, I actually forgot that they were the first to sample that crazy keyboard/ barking dog sample that KMD used on the Nitty Gritty remix (It's a reeeeeemmmiixxx) (I think it's Cat Stevens, but I'm not sure), also some very familair keyboards are used on this as well (D-Nice, Public Enemy?), solid 90's Hip Hop.

8-Blackstract-40 G's and A 9 (1994)
from the I Stole Your Girl 12"
Produced By: Saran Rap

A great slice of 90's Hip Hop, an addictive Cypress Hill sample from "Pigs", FAT Sly and The Family Stone drums and a keyboard sample, which from memory Donald D used to great effect,and an anti Police violence message delivered in a strong and commanding tone.

Blackstract later released the dope "Diary of a Mad MC" in 1995

9-The Kali-Kalism (Remix) (1992)
from the Kalism EP
Produced By: The Kali

I gave you the original version on Vol 2, now here is the remix, an ill horn, tight DJ cuts and a lovely laidback sample towards the end, this was the West at it's finest, some call them the Kali and others call them the Kali Tribe, but it's all gravy with seasoned potatoes B.

NB: I am wondering if someone found a bunch of this EP on CD as it appears to be for sale (and sealed) on E Bay and other places.


10-Chill Devine-Long Live The Lyrical (1990)
from the Putting It Wildy 12"
Produced By:Chill Divine and Rev Roc

This feels like so long ago, but damn it's still dope, the production is classic late 80's-early 90's and reminds me of Marley Marl and the hook is Chill's voice and DJ cuts (remember those?).

Chill is smooth and this is still a sought after record, it's easy to see why and chris from Diggers With Gratitude did a great review on it a while back (and thanks for the cover as well)


11-Ruggedness Madd Drama-Comin At Cha (1993)
from the Big Boyz 12"
Produced By:
Ruggedness Madd Drama

Ahhhhh, the Philly ruggedness (and Madd Drama), flipping the same Lou Donaldson drums as Double XX Posse's-"The Pure Thing"
and a dope horn (did I mention I love horns?) and a clever Tribe Called Quest sample which also samples Lou Donaldson...I think this is quite rare, so enjoy and super props to my man Matt you rule kid.

Here is the ghetto video for "For Real" (1994)



12-Ruff Draff-Da Clipz Go On (1994)
from the Rounda 12"
Produced By: Ruff Draff

Listen to how ill those Melvin Bliss drums are (yes of course those ones) and the Bohannon sample and that sample, oh and the very rugged flows of this West Coast crew, I can't find a thing on this and I know it is indeed quite rare and I know Smoov from Vinyl Addicts has been lucky enough to get a copy, a super duper shout to Matt for the hook up, if you enjoy this joint then I will put up 'Rounda' on a later compilation.

Thanks to Smoov for the pic of the 12"

13-Figure Uv Speech-Wick Wick Wack (1993)
from the U Already Know LP
Produced By:
Figure Uv Sp

It wouldn't surprise me if you already know this, but I noticed I had it on a burnt CD from years ago and remembered that I loved this track, kicking Sly and The Family Stone drums, a dope loop, bassline and an infamous BDP sample, the production actually reminds me of Da Beatminerz, but it's dope and the album was pretty good too.

14-Brothers of The Mind-Rough & Tough (Remix)(1995)
from the Rough & Tough 12"
Produced By: Da Beatminerz (original by Pal Joey)

Oh and speaking of the Da Beatminerz, here's a great remix from them from a record on the Max'n label with an MC named Lyrical Freestyle who has a great flow and reminds me a lot of Krimunul from The Jigmastas, but it's the laid back beat, bassline, "Buffalo Gals" sample (Heeeeeyyy yaaaa) and the well placed Afu Ra vocal sample, to be honest, I remember a friend years ago had this 12" and when he played it on air I always nodded my head and asked him if it was DJ Spinna....what an egg...haha.

15-Smile Oak-I'm Smiley
from the PUTS-American Men Volume 1(Limited Edition)
Produced By: People Under The Stairs

We end on a great note with the enigma that is Smiley Oak, who was he you ask?, good question as all I know is that he was down with People Under The Stairs and appeared on Hardcore on their debut album The Next Step (1998).

I am lucky enough to own one of those American Men CD's and love everything about this track, Smile is in a crew called Cosmic Truckaz and I haven't heard them yet, if anyone has heard the album, can you let me what it is like please?.

Also, I really hope PUTS come out with some new material, I still listen to Stepfather and Hip Hop needs groups like them.


jvc tapedeck fat tape vol 4


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