I got a cool and very thoughtful e-mail from a young cat named DR (thanks D) and he told me that with the blog being private, he can't check it like he used to, as Google is blocked at his school and he has this blog bookmarked, so I thought he is right, this is an informative blog and not one that just provides links without any info.

So fluck it, private was a dumb idea in hindsight and I want to thank everyone that wanted to be a part of CRDS and for your ill comments.

Make old man happy...LOL

Do you ears and soul a favour and go and get the Godfather Don-The Nineties Session CD


JVC Tapedeck Fat Tape Volume 4 up next week (lots of goodies on this one ;)

and there is a new Wildchild (Loot Pack) album out, did anyone know this was coming out?, because it surprised the hell out me (definitely a "Jack In The Box"...bodoom bish...), production from Madlib, Oh No, Black Milk and Kev Brown who laces a remix of the dope posse cut with Special Ed,MC Lyte and Percee P.

hmmmm mmmmm aint that something

The Wu's 8 Diagrams has leaked, not sure if this the official version or not, most of those that have heard it are not pleased, I'm yet to sit down and give it a good listen on some fat speakers.

Jean Grae has a new album of never before heard unreleased material...11 tracks.

Rita J has released a new mixtape for free online (and I told Jen I would put this on my blog for her) Rita is dope and runs with All Natural Inc



Special shout to D Street and her lovely but cheeky girl Lola...she is 2 years old and says Biz Mark and likes Beatboxing, because they have one of those Biz clocks in their home, how dope is that?

The Bizmark, Bizmark...oh baby you goth whath I neeeeeeddddd...

Lastly, I am sorry but the Superstar Q interview had to be taken down, due to threatened legal action...



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