I took time off...now i'm back to work...

I had actually planned to take some more time away from my blog, but your comments that were left in the Out of Biz post have made me realize that I have some dope fans out there and fans get hungry...not only that, I enjoy doing this.

I cannot even thank you enough and I have honestly been moved by your appreciation and genuine comments, it's ill to know that there are good people out there on the big bad internets...

So without further ado, a massive thank you to all of you and to my family Magnifik, Illest and Goonie Hodges at the one and only Pete Rock forum, my crew at the Bust The Facts forum and my fellow bloggers,my real life friends and You and You You (Clap Your Hands...Lol)

plus a special shout out to my wonderful groupies Dani S and Aps...haha

Mad respect!

so as we roll on...here we go with Volume 3 of the JVC Tapedeck Fat Tape series...which I know a lot of you enjoy...because you tell me so :D

^Hard to believe we were rocking these in the 80's, they just seem so ancient now.

The JVC Tapedeck Fat Tape Vol. 3

1-Main One-Nigguz Aint Got It (1995)
from the Birth of The Ghetto Child LP
Produced by Domingo

This is a hardcore New York jewel, Domingo laces the Puerto Rican, Main One with a deep jazz bassline (very similar to Eric B and Rakim's 'Juice' but I'm not sure if it is), horns and the classic drums from Manzel's "Midnight Theme".

Main One tears the mic up and rhymes about how real it is where he is from and his skills, the chorus is a typical chant that makes you want to ice grill someone and raise your hands in the air, Main One released a few more 12"s after this album and I recommend this album if you are a golden age beat seeker as this has dope beats from Ski, Silver D,Buckwild and others oh and Kurious was on the dope 'El Gran Combo' which I think I have put up here before.

2-Mesanjarz of Funk-Funk In Da Trunk (1993)
from the
Mesanjarz of Funk LP
Produced by Tony Dofat

This Latin crew from NYC only had the one album, but it was good and this is a great slice of 1993 flavour laced up by Tony Dofat, he connects the timeless 'Blind Alley' drums to an ill bassline and James Brown (still miss you Big Godfather) hey's, The MC's D-Vell and Pearl Pizazz were able rhyme slingers and bounced lines off each other to good effect, DJ Royal Tech was the groups DJ.

One love baby pah...

3-The Pharcyde-Ya Mama (Kenny Dope remix)
Produced by Kenny Dope

Oh geeez it's those drums yet again,but who cares this remix was dope and some of Kenny's finest Hip Hop work, a tasty recipe of horns, fat drums, a smooth sample and a beat breakdown at the end, but in all honesty, nothing could ever touch the original 'Ya Mama' and that's a double fact jack.

4-Kam-Every Single Weekend (1991)
from the Boyz N The Hood soundtrack
Produced by DJ Pooh

This is one of my favourite Kam joints (and his first?) honesty what's not to like here?, I still vibe on the Biz Markie vocal sample,the rubbery funk bass and classic guitar and drums from Issac Hayes' 'Breakthrough' and the Slick Rick cut ups as well.

Kam was honest in his rhymes and told it straight up... I have a question, does anyone know what the track is playing in the background when Kam gets the call at the intro?

5-Ceedeez-Mastermind Design (1996)
from the Emergency-The Sampler LP
Produced by Team Diehard

There is very little I can tell you about this sorry...

This is a solid track and interesting rhymes about designing the perfect MC...we already did he was named Rakim :D

6-Shaliek-Doing Damage (2000)
Produced by Awesome 2

I was going through some old CD's the other week and thought yep I have to share this, it's sadly another track I know very little about, but it's a damn banger b!, hard hitting drums and horns, sharp rhymes from Shaliek who sounds like OC at times and an intro by DJ Premier, this was from some mixtape called Rap Collective Volume 3, but I have never seen it and I assume it was a French release...if anyone has any info please let me know.

7-Fanat-My Style (1998)
from the Blowin Up Spots 12"
Produced by A Kid Called Roots

This Brooklyn kid was first known as K Fanat and dropped the K for this 98 12", it's a dope street record and is laced with grimy samples and head nodding drums the A Side 'Blowin Up Spot' was much the same and dope as well, K Fanat was on the compilation BQE compilation put out by Hydra records, he had the cut 'Zoo York'.

8-Tommy Tee ft F.T. and P-Dap-Blood Rush (1998)
from the Bonds, Beats & Belief LP
Produced by Tommy Tee

I have always liked F.T and when a user sent this to me on Audio Galaxy (ahhhhh those were the days) it was only labelled as FT and P-Dap so I always assumed it was produced by an underground New York producer, so years later I found a CD of Tommy Tee's Beats, Bonds and Belief and realized it was Norwegian producer Tommy Tee that did this, man that muffled bassline and those pianos, drums and the rugged flows of F.T. and P-Dap are still damn impressive.

9-KMD-Get You Now (94)
from the Black Bastards LP
Produced by Subroc

As much as I love this, I do always feel a wave of sadness at hearing Subroc's voice and production on KMD records, this was one of their best, I love the way they bring in the Das EFX sample, the bassline, that eerie horn and the fat drums from Booker T and The MG's version of 'Sing A Simple Song' (also used by Chubb Rock, Brand Nubian and Little Shawn and others, possibly your Mother...who really knows?...:P

as it says on the intro, that shit my blew head man...

10-Blvd Mosse-Move To Something Funky (1990)
from the All Praises Due To Outstanding (tape)
Produced by Tony D

Wahooooo, a super duper shout to DJ Matt Nyce for this jewel, for this one I let the music speak for itself...god I miss the 90's and people need to give Tony D his due props, this a Trenton, New Jersey rare gem.

This is dedicated to the crew at the B.T.F. forum.

11-King Solomon-A Fine Thin Line (2001)
from the Solstice EP
Produced by Preme Ohio

Dayton, Ohio MC King Solomon is cool and this blend of chopped up strings, bass, piano and drums is dope to these ears, what he did was mos def worth checking, he was on the Lone Catalysts, Mood type of vibe and released this EP on the Illmindmuzik label and is soon to release an album titled Sol-Itude this year.

12-Apache-Hey Girl (1993)
from the Apache Aint Shit LP
Produced by Large Professor

Large Professor loved those Whatnauts drums and uses them to ill effect on this dope track for Apache and using Milo(LONS) and Collie Weed for the chorus was a wise move plus Apache's dirty rhymes are funny and to the point, I used to thrash this when I had it on tape and now just thrash it my headphones.

A question to ponder: why was Large Pro never a core member of DITC?

13-Lord Finesse-Return of The Funky Man (remix) (1991)
from the
Return of The Funky Man 12"
Produced by Showbiz

I could write many pages on how great Lord Finesse and DITC is but I'm not going to (this time), this was the dope remix that was on the 12" and I am sure you know the drums and the bassline and the vocal hooks so I don't need to tell you, the question is what is Finesse up to these days?...We need him and DITC more than ever these days.

14-Lord The Arkitec-Name of The Game (1997)
from the
Name of The Game 12"
Produced by Large Professor

I think by the fact that I have three Extra P produced joints on this volume you can tell I have been on a Extra P kick recently, this Queens MC sounds just lovely over these beats, and that Biz vocal sample is a winner, the whole track is just dope and I could imagine hearing Nas over these beats too...It's pretty funny how Large Pro used that 'boing boing' sample from 'Hard' in this though.

15-Divine Styler-Ghetto Supreme Being (1999)
from the Strength Magazine Presents Subtext LP
Produced by
Divine Styler

I have always felt that the Brooklyn born Divine was well ahead of his time and 1989's 'Tongue of Labryinth' is one of my all time favourite cuts, this track is hard to describe but it's a definite headnodder, a little out there and kind of Aceyalone like, a great track to bump in headphones as you get all of the effects.

16-Jahbaz-Dirty Jungle (1999)
from the Various-Special Brew-Heavy Loungin Compilation
Produced Ticklah

Jahbaz was first in the Justice System and released this great joint in 1999, Ticklah did dope work behind the boards on this and the Lou Donaldson drums, bassline, jungle sounds and horn are very infectious...yeah I still love this and if you haven't heard the comp this came off...then do.

17-Da Henchmen-What U Gonna Do (1994)
from the What U Gonna Do 12"
Produced by The Tick

The Ill A-Side to the track posted on the first Volume

Dope horns, a sinister bassline, fat drums using a great chop of the infamous Sly & The Family Stone break (you know the one) and raw vocals basically, if you enjoyed 'Flippin On 'Em' you will enjoy this...oh yeaaaahhhhhhhh

18-Mic Gerinomo-Hemmin Heads (1994)
from the It's Real 12"
Produced by DJ Irv

I could never understand why this didn't make The Natural LP in 1995, because it's just dope and DJ Irv uses 'Hydra' something lovely, a Nas sample from 'Halftime' a beautiful piano (Gang Starr lovers will know this one) and yes DJ Irv is Irv Gotti.

A Nas and Mic collbao would have been interesting and yes Mic did release some new material this year, but it just didn't have the magic that he used to deliver "my syllables are critical in paragraph form" indeed.

19-Powerule ft Large Professor-Gots To Get This (1991)
from the Powerule Vol 1 LP
Produced by Powerule & Large Professor

I really like what Large Pro did here, there is all kinds of dopeness going on in the mix, Kool and The Gang horns, an EPMD sample from "Gold Digger", the chunky drums of Sly's 'You Can Make It If You Try' some spaced out keyboard sounds, James Brown vocal samples and cool rhymes, I never understood why this album rated so poorly.

20-Papa Chuk-
Trunk of Funk
from the Badlands LP
Produced by Master O.C.

First of all, Nope I can't think what the damn loop is, but I know it and I know eventually I will i.d. it, this is a dope little ditty from Austin,Texas's Papa Chuk about the Ladies with the big ol booty...it's amusing and I am not really sure what Papa means when he says can you smell it? haha.

Laced up by Old School DJ, Master O.C. from the Fearless Four and using, yes those Sly drums and a very familair loop that I can't pick, the whole Badlands album is worth hearing and Papa Chuk is still doing his thing.

the jvc tapedeck fat tape vol 3


Peace party people...I-I-I-I-I see ya later...

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