Joint of The Week: Mother Superia - "Most of All" (Produced by Reggie Noble) (1996)

Miami's Mother Superia was (at least to these ears) a cross between Roz, Lauryn Hill (you can hear a mad lovely la la vocal sample through this track) Champ MC and Passion and that wasn't a bad thing at all.

I think the reason her debut and only album Levitation didn't fare so well was due to some of the production choices, the album was in essence a mixed bag but this Redman produced track (also released as a single) was a definite winner and could have easily been placed on Erick Sermon's Insomnia compilation album.

A lot of people always look at Redman as a great MC and they would be right but he was nice behind the boards too and this smooth slice of Noble funk is just one fine example.

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