February 25, 2017

Joint of The Week : A+ "Me and My Microphone" (1996)

This week's Joint of The Week is a butter track from 1996 from A+ featuring Q-Tip over a Buckwild track, it's a dope little ode to his microphone and the trials and tribulations that come with owning a microphone and contains samples from Hugo Montenegro and the late, great Issac Hayes

Kid Rap was pretty popular in the 90's and A+'s debut album The Latch Key Child certainly had it's moments but it wasn't an overly essential album but it was definitely an impressive debut for a 13 year old East Coast kid that was doing tracks with Tip, Prodigy, AZ and also had a dope remix from Da Beatminerz.

I have always enjoyed this one though and thought Tip and Plus made a good combination...God bless the child that can hold his own...

Next post will be a 15 track compilation of all of the Joints of The Week so far.

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