Joint of The Week: Kool G Rap & DJ Polo - "It's A Demo" (1986)

It was a soul crushing and devastating blow to hear of the passing of Clyde Stubblefield (check all of the links on his Wikipedia page because there is a great deal on information) at 73 years of age of kidney failure, Clyde was not only one of the greatest drummers known to mankind but a Man whose contributions stretch to everything from Hip Hop, Drum and Bass, Dubstep, Breaks to Dance, Indie and Pop records and is still often sampled today, you have to understand that "Funky Drummer" completely dominated the 80's and 90's (and some of the 00's) musical landscape.

To actually decide on ONE track out of literally thousands was not an easy feat at all.

I thought it was best to go right back to one of the first ever uses of the infamous"Funky Drummer" loop in Hip Hop.

"It's A Demo" recorded by the legendary Kool G Rap & D.J. Polo and produced and mixed by the legendary Marley Marlthis timeless track definitely still holds up well some 30 odd years later.

I remember dubbing this off the Uncut Funk Radio Show and seriously playing the tape till it let's go back, way back into a time when Hip Hop was pure and undiluted.

R.I.P. Clyde Stubblefield

NB: My all time favourite usage of "Funky Drummer" goes to the legendary Eric B & Rakim on "Lyrics of Fury" I have still never heard those drums sound so sinister and The R absolutely murders the track to shreds!
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