1991-Ice-T vs NWA

While I am sitting at home recovering from the flu, I have been listening to some of my favourite albums that were released in 1991 and it is hard to believe that these two West Coast classics are now 20 years old, but that is the reality and both albums are essential in any true Hip Hop heads collection.

Both Original Gangster and Efilrofzaggin did really well in the Billboard charts back in 1991 with Efil4zaggin placing at the top spot for a number of weeks and both albums contained great production and were steeped in controversy, particularly the NWA album as it had quite a few misogynistic and violent themes running through out the album, Ice-T's album did as well but not nearly as much as NWA's album did.

So the question is...which album was the better album in your opinion?...


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