The CRDS Fat Tape Volume 21-1993 Underground Special

Peace C.R.D.S. readers

first of all thanks for your feedback on the Ice-T and NWA post (and previous posts) my flu is pretty much dead and done, so I appreciate the well wishes...word is born family I haven't posted a compilation in a long time, so I hope this collection of Golden Age and Underground Hip Hop joints from 1993 suffices for the lack of compilation posting.

So turn off the radio (or smash it to bits would be a better idea lol) and TV, stay away from all that "swag" and gimmicky trash and listen to what Hip Hop was all about once and still should be, raw rhymes, head nodding fat beats, rumbling bass-lines and dope samples

Enjoy and mad respect to Grimee Rappuh, aREAL,The Human Jukebox, Dat Supa Dee Jay Mark G, Renee, Kat1, Lord Monsta, Breadcrumbs, Mickey Redvenom, Airan (aka bestie haha), SPank Moss, Tobias, The Mashup, Leary, Ridge Jaggers, Art Official, Da Mules, Manky Chops fam, Sean L, Sean B.D, Lars, Rita, Andrew B, Hans No Go, Dom Nyce, Rickster, Tyshawn, Trav, Drasar M, C7, DJ Matt Nyce, Verge the T.R.O.Y. crew and all posters there and to all the real heads keeping this incredible art form and culture alive...this compilation has ill tracks not just from from New York but from the The Bay Area, Baltimore, Oakland, Chicago and Texas so make like the late, great Dilla and turn it up :D

The CRDS Fat Tape Volume 21*-1993 Underground Special

1-Lord Aaqil-Kick It Like Dis (Produced by Darrin Ross)
2-Figure Uv Speech-Ready To Wreck (Club Version)
3-Controversey-Trunka Funk (Produced by E. Lindsey & Lou Ballentine)
4-Moe Crazy ft Chi Ali & Tony Tone-Knock 'Em Out Da Frame (Main Mix) (Produced by Tony Tone)
5-Culture Productions-Rough Necks 
6-Masta Ace Inc-Jeep Ass Niguh (Dusted Mix) (Produced by Latief and Ace One)
7-Madstyle ft Evil Twins-Redrum (Produced by Frankie Cutlass)
8-O.C.M.-Joint Yo (Produced by O.C.M.)
9-Knucklehedz-Uglee Pictures (Produced by Charlie Marotta)
10-Young Lord-Represent (Produced by Young Lord)
11-Ghetto Philharmonic-Don't Bite The Concept (Underground Mix) (Produced by G-Clef)
12-Capital Tax-The Masha (Remix) (Produced by DJ Smooth)
13-Labtekwon-Quiet Storm (Produced by Labtekwon)
14-Hard 2 Obtain-L.I. Groove (Remix) (Produced by Stimulated Dummies)
15-3 Steps From Nowhere ft Trugoy-Pass It On (Remix) (Produced by Doug Lazy)

and speaking of T.R.O.Y...check this madness...

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dope as always, much appreciated


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