Fave Hieroglyphics release from the 90s'?


The legendary Oakland, California Hip Hop collective were founded in the early 1990's by Del Tha Funkee Homosapien and Pep Love and consisted of Souls Of Mischief (Tajai, Phesto, Opio, A-Plus), Casual, Extra Prolific (Mike G & Snupe) Pep Love & Jay-Biz (The Prose), DJ Toure and producer and manager Domino and Kwam (Del's ex manager).

 Their first official recording as the group was 1991's "Burnt" found on the B-Side of Dels "Mistadobalina"... the crew were listed as The Hyrogliphics..."Burnt" was later sampled by NYC Hip Hop group Babbletron.



Throughout the 90's the crew released a series of classic singles (including SOM's timeless Billy Cobham sampling "93' Til Infinity") and essential albums, but which album in your opinion was the best one?*



*I am just including the officially released albums in this poll and not the unreleased (Casual-Meanwhile, The Prose, Extra Prolific-Masterpiece, Del-Future Development etc) or compilation albums (Heiro Oldies etc).

Dope Domino compilation and write up here...


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