UPDATE:The founding Father of Hip Hop Kool Herc is very sick and 1520 Sedgwick Ave saved.

The legendary Kool Herc is very sick and in need of financial assistance if you can help him out then please donate to:

Kool Herc Production 
PO Box 20472 
Huntington Station
NY 11746

Paypal donations can be made here:


Also if you buy books from the legendary Ernie Paniccioli he will donate money to Kool Herc.

On a personal note, I find it really wrong that the founding Father of Hip Hop needs money for his medical bills, while there are so many wack and selfish "artists" that make millions for thier own gains and never give anything back to Hip Hop or who invented it, they would not even be on and making the millions they do if it wasn't for Herc and Bam.

Hip Hop is a multi-million dollar corporation, so why does none of that money to go those that invented it?

That's the really bad news, here is some great news for True Hip Hop...


UPDATE: Great news, someone came through and hooked up the great Man, I am personally thinking that it was Russell Simmons or maybe DJ Premier but whoever it was pat yourself on the back and give yourself major dap, you make Hip Hop what it is all about.

Thank You

Kool Herc had severe kidney stones, but thankfully they are out now.


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