CRDS Presents The Fat Tape Vol 20, Evil Mule Blog. R.I.P. Bobby Robinson

What's good party people (yeaaaahhhhh) first of all thanks so much for the dope feedback on the Simon Harris/Music of Life post, I really appreciated that... CRDS will turn 4 this month and I wanted to thank all my readers and supporters, I know that I haven't done a Fat Tape in some time, so here is the 20th installment of the CRDS Fat Tape series...enjoy...

Evil Mule now have an official blog (done up by their proud manager), where you can read all about The Mules and their history, up and coming projects etc....the boys are hard at work on the next album and a new single and video clip which will be filmed soon and we would like to send out a massive thanks to Pete Stobbart and all Evil Mule fans and supporters Worldwide.

The CRDS Fat Tape Vol 20

1-A.Z. (Mobstyle) Gangster Shit (Remix) (Produced by Mobstyle) (1991)
2-Denocka-Lyrical Curse (Produced by Denocka & Mr. Hard) (1995)
3-J-Rock-Drug Dealer (DJ Premier Boombox Jeep Remix) (1991)
4-Method Man-All I Need (Produced by RZA) (1994)
5-Double X-Make Some Noise (Produced by BK) (1995)
6-Kings of Swing-The Blunted (Produced by Kings of Swing) (1993)
7-Demon Boyz-Glimity Glamity (Produced by DJ Pogo & Demon Boyz) (1992)
8-Twin Hype-Double Barrel (Produced by The Hollywood Impact)
9-Subroc-It Sounded Like A Roc (Produced by Subroc) (1993)
10-Super Lover Cee and Casanova Rud-Romeo (Produced by Paul C & Casanova Rud ) (1991)
11-Trigga-No Tomorrow (Produced by Russ Press) (1995)
12-Now Born Click-X Fyles (Raw Version) (Produced by Bombay)
13-Lord Aaqil-Kid What's Your Name (Produced by Darrin Ross) (1993)
14-Masta Ace-Music Man (Remix) (Produced by Marley Marl) (1990)
15-Caveman-Bods Get Slapped Up (Produced by Diamond J) (1992)

I must also say farewell to the late, great Bobby Robinson a Man that sweat, bled and cried for Music and true Hip Hop and who must have seen so much in his 93 years on this Earth.

I was going to do a tribute post, but a few Friends have already done some good ones, please check them and other useful links here...
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