CRDS Presents-Digging In The Tapes-This That Ish Vol 3-1995

I was going through some old boxes again and I found yet another old "This That Ish" tape from 1995, actually I didn't find the tape...just the tattered cover and track listing, so I got the MP3s all together and compiled it for you all, hope you enjoy it...I sure did and had a flood of great memories...

1995 was a really dope year for Hip Hop and one of my all time fave years.

CRDS Presents-Digging In The Tapes-This That Ish Vol 3-1995

1-Funkdoobiest-Rock On (Produced by DJ Muggs)
2-Guru-Lifesaver (Produced by Carlos Bess and Guru)
3-Erick Sermon ft Kieth Murray & Redman-Open Fire (Produced by Erick Sermon)
4-Jamal-Fades 'Em All (Produced by Redman and Rockwilder)
5-AZ-Rather Unique (Produced by Pete Rock)
6-Fabidden-Cup Of Life (Produced by Guru)
7-D.S.A.-Lock Shit Down (Produced by R.N.S.)
8-Mobb Deep ft Nas & Raekwon-Eye For An Eye (Produced by Mobb Deep)
9-Lost Boyz-Lifestyles Of The Rich & Shameless (Produced by Easy Moe Bee)
10-Raekwon-Knowledge God (Produced by RZA)
11-Onyx-Last Dayz (Produced by Fredro Starr)
12-Show & AG ft Lord Finesse & D-Flow-Add On (Produced by Lord Finesse)
13-Das EFX-Comin' Thru (Produced by DJ Scratch)
14-Tha Alkaholiks-2014 (Produced by E-Swift)
15-Old Dirty Bastard-Harlem World (Produced by Big Dore)



Nice mix, pretty much every song is a classic in my books..

I dig the new logo btw

By any chance, would you happen to have a rip of Team Demolitions Dirty Gusto 12"??

Jaz said...

haha what an ill name (Wu fan by any chance? lol)...thank you, all of them are classic to me and hold a lot of great memories, did you check the other comps that I did from old tapes?...

Lyfis Bleak from Manky Chops did the dope logo and I have some Team Demo at home...send me an e-mail and I will get it to you



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