R.I.P. Eyedea...and the return of the Infamous T.R.O.Y. blog...

"I stand alone, burned every bridge over the troubled water, no longer hiding from my personality disorder..."

Sadly Hip Hop has lost another talented artist...Eyedea was an intelligent and thought provoking lyricist and one of a kind, born Micheal Lawson in 1981 in Saint Paul, Minnesota, Eyedea became well known for his fierce battle steez and ending up winning the Scribble Jam in 1999 and the Blaze battle in 2000, Eyedea also won top placings at the Rock Steady Anniversary in 2000.

Eyedea made waves when he released the dope single "Pushing Buttons" in 2000 with partner DJ and producer Abilities and followed that up with the dope First Born album released in 2001, that included the single "Blindly Firing" and the cool b-side track "Birth Of A Fish", E & A followed up First Born with 2004's E&A and 2009's By The Throat and Eyedea also released a solo album, The Many Faces Of Oliver Hart: Or How Eye Won The Write Too Think under his Oliver Hart alias in 2002.

"Pushing Buttons" (2000)

"Architects Theme" (2000)

"Blindly Firing" (2001)

"Birth Of A Fish" (2001)

In 2002, my favourite Eyedea track of all time "Even Shadows Have Shadows" appeared on the We Came From Beyond compilation which he produced under his alias Oliver Hart.

"Even Shadows Have Shadows" (2002)

My utmost condolences to Eyedea's Family, label mates, friends and fans, this is a sad loss.

R.I.P. Eyedea, your music will always live on.



Okay, that is the bad news...time for some good news...the infamous T.R.O.Y. blog is back in e.f.f.e.c.t.


The T.R.O.Y. blog has a new home, the original squad and a new design...so what are you waiting for kid?, click that link...

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