The CRDS Fat Tape Volume 6...

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Set It Off!!!

Brothers from Brentwood, L.I.(1992)
from the Crossover 12" (Def Jam)
Produced by Erick Sermon & Parrish Smith

Why this never made the superb Business Never Personal album is beyond me, hardcore Hip Hop done EPMD's way,a slowed down "Blind Alley" loop is in there, as is a dope Nice and Smooth vocal sample from "How To Flow". This is classic Sermon and Smith funk that I could listen to over and over, and as Erick states "you know my style's mad rugged you love it"...indeed

2-Born Discipline-Where You At? (1993)
from the Brothers Wanna Clown Around 12" (Low Frequency Recordings)

Produced by Craig Bevan

A simple "Blind Alley" loop, some (I think) Kool and The Gang samples and drums from Rufus Thomas was all that was needed for this chumpie, I enjoy how old school this sounds,even though it was recorded in 1993, it sounds like it could have been released in the late 80's, the MC's pass the mic back and forth and pitch in for each others rhymes, the other 2 tracks on the 12 were good as well, props to Matt for this one.

3-Lazy Laz-
Smooth (1989)
from the Smooth 12" (Bumrush!)
Produced by Greg Nice & Lazy Laz

Speaking of E Double he gets sampled here for a vocal refrain, like the motion of water, this joint is great, a classic Bohannon loop and shuffling drums allow Lazy Laz to brag about his skills, there isn't a lot to tell you about Lazy Laz, this 12" was released on Bumrush records and was dubbed and remixed by Audio 2, it was well ahead of it's time if you ask me. Dope

4-Jack Bruce-Sam Enchanted Dick
from the album Things We Like (1970) (Polydor)

This is for the diggers, you will know who used this as soon as the bass on the first bar plays, besides who sampled it and whatnot, it is in amazing piece of music and should be listened to in full.

I have been re-reading old issues of Rap Sheet and this other producer listed this as album as one of his favourite albums for 1992, so he obviously got it that year and made a classic for us out of the record, but I wonder who got the record first.

5-Black Moon-Buck 'Em Down (Remix) (1994)
from the Buck Em Down 12" (Wreck Records)
Produced by Da Beatminerz

Ahhh this remix was impeccable, such a lush use of Donald Byrd's Wind Parade and the "Hihache" drums from the
Lafayette Afro Rock Band, this was the Bootcamp Clique sound in full effect, still riding on the success of the classic 1993 Enta Da Stage album, the remix was mad better than the album version and actually sounds better today than it did wayback in 1994..
Welcome to Bucktown USA where the weak get dissed everyday

6-Low Profile-Funky Song (Remix)(1990)
from the Funky Song 12" (Priority Records)
Produced by
DJ Alladin

I will always have fond memories of Low Profile's music being played on the Weds Nite Jam show, and how into the dope and classic Were In This Together album, myself, Mikey, Vee and Big Daddy Cam were, I love this remix as much as I do the original version and you have DJ Alladin destroying the turntables at the end, this is timeless West Coast Hip Hop.

7-Nubian Crackers ft The Artifacts-Do Ya Wanna Hear It? (1993)
from the Do Ya Wanna Hear It? 12" (Big Beat)
Produced by the Nubian Crackers

Ah yes the debut of the Tame One and El Da Sensai over slamming beats from the Nubian Crackers (Prince Quick Mix and The Undercover Brother) these two MC's just ripped their verses and the beat is so ridiculously fat, the music definitely speaks for itself on this one, you can see why this was such a mixtape and underground radio show fave.

8-DJ Quik-America'z Most Complete Artist (1992)
from the Way 2 Fonky LP (Profile Records)
Produced by DJ Quik

This was my favourite track from Quik's second album, and I have always loved the Parliment riff played on keyboards and the Kool and The Gang "N.T." drums, along with vocal samples from the D.O.C. and Salt N Pepa, this was great West Coast Gangster funk and Tim Dog was a fool to diss Quik, he had way more talent than Timothy could dream about.

9-To Da Core-We Got It Goin On' (1993)
from the We Got It Goin On 12" (Select Records)
Produced by Omar Santana

Released on Select Records in 1993 and also on the House Party 3 soundtrack, this swinging track was, as far as I know the only thing TDC did, a shame really because "We Got It Goin On" was a perfect example of dope 1993 Hip Hop, kicking off with a lovely Jazz loop and the infamous Melvin Bliss "Synthetic Substitution" drums, sure it was party rap like Naughty By Nature but it was dope.

10-Bas Blasta featuring Godfather Don, Fat Joe,Ju Ju and Lord Finesse-The Rhythm (1994)
from the Dangerous 12"(RCA)
Produced by The Groove Merchantz (Godfather Don & V.I.C.)

Hell of a line up on this and if you haven't heard this then you are in for a treat, this is rowdy and dope and every one comes off,great Biz Markie vocal sample too.

Somewhere out there the Bas Blasta album is in storage and someone needs to release that album, because Bas Blasta didn't have a bad track in his short lived career and us die hard Beatnuts heads know that there is unheard 'Nuts beats on it, I really hope that someday, the album sees the light of day.

11-Earle The Poet-High Noon (1990)
from the High Noon 12" (EMI Records)
Produced by Greg Royal

There isn't much I can tell you about this, but it was ahead of it's time sporting an ill old western whistle, slow, hitting drums from The Winstons and a hard sythn sound, Earle weaves rhymes about being a cowboy and how his day pans out,I am pretty sure this is the only 12" he released, in 1990 on EMI records.

12-Ed OG & Da Bulldogs-Skinny Dip (Blend Tape Version) (1993)
from the Skinny Dip 12" (Chemistry Records)
Produced by Joe Mansfield

A very sparser version here, with the fat bassline and Sly and The Family Stone and The Five Stairsteps drums and Tom Scott horns, the reason I included this is to tell you to pick up the new
Life Of A Kid In The Ghetto: Demos & Rarites album, because it is mad stupid ill.

13-Fat Jack featuring Fame and DJ Flaco-Beyonder (2003)
from the Natural
Hallucinogenics LP (Project Blowed)
Produced by Fat Jack

Time for something a little different now,produced by Fat Jack from the very eclectic Project Blowed label, this is an ill piece of music, and is very laid back and mellow, one that makes you forget about your cares and woes and remember the famous Bob Marley quote

One good thing about music When it hits you feel no pain

I am sure you will enjoy this and if you do check for the album, it might be to your liking.

14-Scum-Takin No Shorts (2000)
from the Scum Live 12" (Brick Records)
Produced by Insight

Boston's Insight is for some odd reason, severely under rated in both his beats and rhymes (of which there are many), I have always been a fan and the short lived Scum project gave us 3 dope tracks, this one was a bugged out mesh of hard drums,horns and weird samples, that worked well and combined with T-Ruckus and Insights rhymes, one for the headphones.

15-The Rascalz Featuring Checkmate & Flipout-Clockwork (1997)
from the Cash Crop LP (BMG Music Canada)
Produced by Kemo

We end this Fat Tape with a fat joint from Canada's Rascalz, I personally felt that this crew was slept on and their album Cash Crop was dope, the first time I heard this joint was on a tape recorded from the Stretch Armstrong and Bobbito show and I just thought they were some New York kids flexing over an ill bassline...I was wrong and it made me search out the album and I was glad I did.




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