Jeez Time Goes By Fast...Happy Belated First Birthday CRDS

I was thinking that it was February 2007 when Cold Rock Da Spot first jumped on the scene, with a lean and a pocket full of green but it turns out it was January 7th 2007,sorry but I haven't had much time to do new posts lately, but I will get around to it.

Here are the links for the first four CRDS Fat Tapes

the crds fat tape volume 1

the crds fat tape volume 2

the crds fat tape volume 3

the crds fat tape vol 4

and a MASSIVE thanks to my blogger family and all of the CRDS fans I have got to know over the year, mad props to all of my readers, you are what makes this blog what it thank yourself and get your own birthday cake* haha.



*There isn't actually any cake, I was just joking lol

Don't forget about my new Radio Show
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