A Pinched Nerve and The CDRS Fat Tape Volume 5

I had to go to the Doctor because I have been having some sharp pains in my chest in the mornings, it turns out I have a pinched nerve...I have to admit I was quite worried, because sometimes that pain could be linked to the heart...but fortunately it wasn't anything to do with my heart and it was only a pinched nerve, I have some meds for the pain now, by the way...it's great being back on radio and I look forward to doing the Late Night Underground show every week...

...and it goes a little something like this...Hit It!!!

-It's On(1994)
from the Whatcha Gonna Do? 12"
Produced by Pac Man

If you think this is going to be some muddy, raw and dope Onyx like, rowdy NYC shit then you would be 100 % right, I'm not sure what I like more the head smashing Skull Snaps beat looped up or the droning and sinister organ that lies beneath,this also sports a nice use of a well known Lou Donaldson track too, a mad thanks to AG at Crates of AG for this one.

2-Missin Linx-Lock'D (1998)
from the M.I.A. 12"
Produced by Necro

This was the joint that was missing off Da Al Tariq Files, but I only got it (thanks Dred Scott @ Philaflava) after I finished the collection, I still enjoy this and Necro's organ sample is dope and eerie at the same, the drums could have hit a little harder, but I am not complaining, this was the b-side to the M.I.A. 12".

3-Foul Play-Black Clouds (1994)
from the
DJ Eclipse- Wild Pitch Blends mixtape

I edited this out of the infamous DJ Eclipse- Wild Pitch Blends mixtape, that my man serch4beatz kindly ripped and put up at Philaflava's T.R.O.Y. section and I am glad I did, as it's such a dope and moving slice of mid 90's Hip Hop, propelled by a great Method Man vocal sample, guitar and lovely horns and drums... it's criminal that this never saw a vinyl release...just criminal.

4-Old Dirty Bastard-The Stomp (1995)
from the Return To The 36 Chambers LP
Produced by The RZA

Ol Dirty is still sadly missed, during his time here,there was no other EMCEE quite as clever, bugged and entertaining as he was and this cut was just raw NYC madness, the production is, in my opinion some of RZA's dopest ever and Unique Ason destroys it, when people expressed their views about the last Wu album, this is what they miss, well at least it's what I miss and I wonder if he was still alive today, how different that album might have been.R.I.P. O.D.B.

5-Madkap-Questions (1994)
from the Nudder Budders EP
Produced by The Beatnuts

It's everything you wanted to know about Madkap and It's Madkap with a fat,jazzy joint produced by The Beatnuts, what more needs to be said?...I ask you :D

6-Raazda Ruckus-Loco Impact
from the Da Chronic Asthmatics 12"
Produced by Diamond D

Most of you probably know this group from the dope A-Side, but flip it over and you get some fat drums (James Brown), horns and double bass laced up by the legendary Diamond D, sure these kids were on the iggidy tip for this one, but they used it well.

7-Keith Murray-East Left (1995)
from the New Jersey Drive 1 CD
Produced by Erick Sermon

A standard E-Double produced cut and a joint that sounds like it was left off the Most Beautifulest Thing In The album, that's not to say it's wack, it's a decent track, but you know what to expect if you haven't heard this before, E laced up the Spinning Wheel drums again, added a deep bass line, some funk samples and vocal samples from Meth (the man, not the wack drug) and Gangstarr. word 'em up

8-Kenny Dope featuring Shaggy-Gunshot
from the Unreleased Project CD
Produced by Kenny Dope

I don't know why Shaggy never did a full album with Hip Hop beats, but in my opinion it is when he shines the most, forget the poppy ballads and shit, get Shaggy on some fat Blind Alley beats and listen to him wreck shop, this still sounds as great today as it did the first time I heard it, a very dope slice of mid 90's Ragga -Hip Hop.

9-Smoked Out Productions-Bok Bok (1995)
from the Styles 12"
Produced by S.O.P.

Early Black Attack and Problemz bless some fat Get Out Of My Life Woman drums, a hazy guitar sample and a muffled horn, this rowdy joint is best to be played loud and is yet another timeless piece of gritty NYC Hip Hop that I love to death, they released a very hard to get 12" before this one in 1994. "Back Up Kid" and if anyone has that please hook me up.

10.Kali Wild-Kali Wow
from the Superrappin Vol 2 CD
Produced by Oh No

This was the joint that made me think that Oh No would go on to be a great producer, because his style was different to his older brother Madlibs' and anyone elses... I just love the drums, percussion and the main loop, because of it's bounce that allows Sauna, Cornbread and Oh No to spit ill verbals over.

11-The Inviseez-Gotta Be Real
from the Gotta Be Real 12"
Produced by
The Inviseez

This is the B-Side to the Hagan Daj joint that was released on Henchmen Records in 1994,a deep bassline, quirky keyboard sample, smooth drums and DJ cuts(whatever happened to the DJ cuts?) make up this flavorful joint, not as good as Hagen Daj, but still worth hearing never the less..speaking of that...whatever happened to the Rawcotiks?

12-Rass Kass-Soul On Ice (Diamond D Remix)(1996)
from the Soul On Ice 12"
Produced by Diamond D

This is my favourite Diamond D remix, I am a big fan of the David Axelrod samples in this and I have always loved how smooth Ras sounds on this also, this remix makes this original version seem mad boring in comparison, I was going to quote some lines but there are just too many dope lines to quote. a perfect remix that did it's job.

13-Shabazz The Disciple-Death Be The Penalty(1995)
from the
Death Be The Penalty 12"
Produced by 4th Disciple

Wu Tang affiliate Shabazz spits intelligent lyrics over some hard hitting drums supplied by 4th Disciple, Shabazz was a dope MC and I don't think he ever really got his due, he was the first artist to release material on Wu Tang records and he was a dope MC with a great voice and rhymes about power and knowledge.

14-Jeru The Damaja-My Mind Spray
from the Sun Rises In The East LP
Produced by DJ Premier

I had to do an article about Bob James's Nautilus and it took me back to this great track again, man I miss Jeru and DJ Premier together, they really were an incredible combination, anyway Preem chopped up parts of Nautilus and looped a familiar part to great effect, this has always been one of my fave cuts from Jeru's classic debut.

15-KMD-Sorceress (2004)
Produced by MF Doom

Does anyone remember the rumour that Lil Sci was going to be in KMD and that an album would soon surface?, I do and this joint was all that came out of that sadly,if you haven't heard this, the answer is yes it's dope and standard great Doom production, I am pretty sure (but not 100%) that the main sample is from Bob James and also from my memory, I think Kurious was going to be a part of the KMD line up as well.

here it is, please leave a comment if you enjoy the compilation.


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