CRDS Presents The Pete Rock Remix Files Volume 1

What's good all...

Here is a Pete Rock remix compilation I did a while ago and I thought it might be appreciated here, you probably already have these remixes, but if not...I know you will enjoy them.

I guess that most of us aren't that happy with Pete's latest album "NY's Finest", it's just lacking that raw soul and groove that Pete used to have and some of his guests were boring or wack (Jim Jones!!!?...why???, that dude is mad terrible and the beat is one of the best on the album, I could hear Bumpy Knux on that joint easily),"Questions" is fat, and where the hell has Royal Flush been? "I took some time off"?...haha that's the understated rhyme of the year, I dig a lot of the production especially "Comprehend" (with the ill 10cc sample), "Best Believe" with Redman tearing shit up is great as well...but I do prefer Pete's older style and feel that it, if it wasn't broke, why the need to fix it?.

Speaking of fixing, myself, Magnifik and Illest 22 are hoping like hell that maybe one day, Pete will release all of those unreleased remixes (Cormega, Nas, M.O.P, Redman etc) he premiered on the's an injustice that none of them have seen a proper release and we have to suffice with radio rips.

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part 1

part 2

enjoy this compilation...

1. da youngstas - iz u wit me (remix) (1993)
2. champ mc - keep it on the real (pete rock remix) (1994)
3. lords of the underground ft sah b
- flow on (pete rock remix) (1994)
4. ini - fakin jax (rude youth remix) (1995)
5. rough house survivors - rough house (pete rock remix) (1993)
6. jeru the damaja-you cant stop the prophet (pete rock remix) (1994)
7. k-solo-letterman (pete rock remix) (1992)
8. jamal-fades-em-all (pete rock remix) (1995)
9. pete rock and cl smooth-i got a love (remix) (1994)
10. blackstar ft black thought-respiration (pete rock remix) (1999)
11. gang starr - militia (pete rock remix) (1998)
12. house of pain-jump around (pete rock remix) (1992)
13. ygz-street nigga (pete rock remix) (1993)
14. das efx-jussumen (pete rock remix) (1992)
15. epmd-rampage (pete rock remix) (1991)
16. public enemy - shut em down (pete rock remix) (1991)
17. pete rock and cl smooth-straighten it out (remix) (1992)
18. scritti polliti- tinseltown to the boogiedown (pete rock remix) (1999)
19. brand nubian-slow down (pete rock's newromix) (1991)
20. psycho realm- stone garden (pete rock remix) (1997)

sorry, the ini-fakin jax remix is actually grown man sport, I should have checked it before I upped it is
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