The CRDS Fat Tape Volume 7

And Yes Y'all, another boom bashin' head mashin',speaker smashin' compilation for the real heads.

A fat shout to Oxygen from the Crate Invaders Crew for some of the goodies you will get on the next comp

1-Heltah Skeltah-I Ain't Havin That (1998)
from the Magnum Force LP (Priority)
Produced by Cuzin Bawb and Starang Wonduh

It's still a joy to hear the Ruck (Sean Price) and Rockness Monster tear the frame out of a loop that A Tribe Called Quest first used for their hit "Hot Sex" back in 1992, combined with a catchy Redman sample, this was easily one of Heltah Skeltah's finest moments from the slept on Magnum Force album.

2-LA The Darkman featuring Raekwon-As The World Turns (1996)
from the I Want It All 12" (For Real Records)
Produced by 4th Disciple

This is in my opinion LA The Darkman's dopest record and one of 4th Disciple's finest moments, the track is eerie, sports a deep and menacing bassline and has a certain mystique to it, I could only imagine the thick haze of weed smoke in the studio when they recorded this and I remember first hearing this on a DJ Backspin mixtape back in 96, from the first opening bars and like a fiend, this rap junkie was hooked.

3-Mack Da Maniak featuring 70D, Rog A Rab & The Lost Boyz-What Goes Up (Remix) (1996)
from the What Goes Up 12"(Select Records)
Produced by Tony T

This is a classic piece of headnodding, rough, rugged and raw mid 90's Hip Hop, truth be told Mack didn't really stand out from the pack, he sounded far to much like Nine and had a similar gruff delivery,but besides all of that this track is fat and well worth a listen as was his Loco Motive album

4-Royal Fam-I Declare War (1995)
from the Summin Gotz 2 Give 12" (Captiol Records)
Produced by Y-Kim

This, like the LA The Darkman joint, was what the Wu affiliates were doing in the mid 90's, dirty, muddy and downright raw recordings, Y-Kim's track is akin to being in a war zone and Timbo King brings mic skills to the table, the production on this is dense and hard but man is it ill, so was the other joint.

5-OGC-Hurricane Starang (1997)
from the Da Storm LP
Produced by Da Beatminerz

More BCC dopeness, this time a solo joint by Originoo Gunn Clappers member Starang Wonduh who wrecks shop over a sparse Beatminerz track and drops lines like "I'm Duckdown staff even when I'm by myself,I'm Bootcamp Clik even when I'm by myself", this a joint made for good speakers and headphones...hus...hus...hus!!!

6-Atmosphere-Free or Dead
from the Ford One EP (Rhymesayers)
Produced by Jel

It's hard to front on Slug and ANT, Slug has an ill voice, great flow and he often makes you rewind his lines, he is clever, witty and tongue and cheek and sarcastic and this dope reggae sampling (does anyone know the original sample?) track is Slug at his finest, the bassline booms and the drums are perfect for Slug's antidotes on life and whatnot.

7-Ruff Draf-Rounda (1994)
from the Rounda 12"
Produced by Ruff Draf

I gave you the ill "Da Clips Go On" on the CRDS Fat Tape Volume 5 and this is the a-side, again there is still no info on this crew out there, here you have the banging Skull Snaps drums combined with a thick bassline and Mountain's
infamous Long Red sample.

8-MC Essential and AWOL-Bring It Up (1993)
from the Bring It Up 12" (Freeze Records)
Produced by AWOL & Todd Terry

Oh man I have searched for this, for mad years, after re-reading some old Rap Pages magazines, I had to start the hunt again and thanks to Stevie E, I was at long last supplied me with this ILL throw your hands in the air type joint from 1993, what can I tell you about this?, let's see Booming drums, a dope Synthetic Substitution sample (not the drums) and an Onyx like chant.

9-The UMC's-Some Speak Ill Thoughts (1994)
from the Unleashed LP (Wild Pitch Records)
Produced by Haas G & Kool Kim

A lot of heads were disappointed by the UMC's second album, but what would they know?, the album was dope and sure there may have been a harder edge to it, but the same clever samples and fat head nodding drums were in effect, this organ laced joint was one of the best from the Unleashed album.

10-Strickly Roots-Roots and Culture (1993)
from the Begs No Friends EP (Friends Connections Productions)
Produced by DJ Fashion and Professor Q

This was the sound of raw New York Hip Hop in the mid 90's, a fat drum loop, horns that could have come from Pete Rock's crates and a ragga feel, just dope as was the whole EP.

11-Wild Sniper-Catch Wreck (Remix) (1993)
from the Catch Wreck 12" (CM Records)
Produced by Wild Sniper & David Downie

A little known but dope joint from Brooklyn, New York in 1993 here this has appeared before on a few mixtapes DJ Azeez and some Japanese mix CD's, it's a slow shuffling mid tempo joint with the MC on the braggadocio tip, this also appeared on a obscure compilation called We Got A Lot.

12-The Legion-Legion Groove (1993)
from the Theme + Echo=Krill LP (Mercury Records)
Produced by C.M.E.

A smooth loping groove with thick drums and hardcore vocals provided by Cee-Low, Molecules and Chucky Smash, the vocal sample of "clap your hands and say yeah" sounds like Michael Jackson and I wonder if it is, The Legion's album was heavily slept on and was raw and dope Bronx, New York Hip Hop, it wasn't a classic album, but it was definitely worth hearing and having.

13-Saafir-Real Circus (1994)
from the Boxcar Sessions LP (Qwest Records)
Produced by Jay-Z

I have always been a big fan of Saafir and the Hobo Junction, those kids have mad talent and bring a unique flavour to the table, there is only one Saafir and he just sounds so ill over the crashing jazz drums and wailing horn supplied by the Oakland Jay-Z, not to mention a dope Chubb Rock vocal sample cut up, you have no idea how much I love this.

14-Dilated Peoples-End Of The Time (1995)
from the Next Chapter LP (Immortal Records)
Produced by Joey Chavez

The first appearance of Dilated People's here and both Evidence and Iriscience sound young and different as they flex skills over a loop that was also used by Brainwash 2000 (I think) I remember the track off Stretch Armstrong's The Lesson series, the whole Next Chapter album is worth checking for the introductions of Defari,Mykill Meirs, Phil Da Agony and others.

15-Lucky Dice-Imagine That (2001)
from the Imagine That 12" (Brick Records)
Produced by the Soul Searchers

This is still dope, but Boston's Lucky Dice seems to have vanished off the radar, with the state of a lot of today's Hip Hop what he states still rings true and the production is just lovely and is propelled by a dope Krumbsnatcha vocal clip, I feel it's a good way to finish off this fat tape.

and we are out...


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