Gang Starr-The Remixes, The B-Sides and The Rest and other Bits...

DJ Premier (Chris Martin) and Guru (Keith Elam), imagine if we never had these two veterans, honestly can you?... There would be a massive dent in your rap collection but you know what?...I can't imagine it, because the Gang Starr imprint is etched into my mind until I die, horns, precise cuts, bass,perfectly chopped samples, loops, drums,strings, a deep and monotone symphonic vocal tone, pianos, guitars,influential, hooks,innovation, vocal cuts and dazzling and superior scratching displays.

All of those words are what I think of when I think about Gang Starr, I will never understand why the ill duo never went double platinum or had sales go through the roof...this is Hip Hop, Gang Starr are Hip Hop and always will be...when people ask me who my favourites are or who I still listen to, I can guarantee you that when I list them off Gang Starr are one of the first to leave my lips.

For those that don't know the back story of Gang Starr check the Wikipedia link below and it will tell you everything you need to know.

I feel privileged to have lived through the Gang Starr era, not from the very beginning but from getting a CD single of 'Jazz Thing' in 1990 and when the brilliant Step In The Arena dropped and I remember my man Big Daddy Cam (BDC) sending over a dub (cassette) of the album from his vinyl because he got it in Australia first...well long before us anyway that's for sure

The MVC Posse and I played tracks off it from the tape on air on the Wednesday Nite Jam and we were in awe at the whole tape, I remember hearing that the spot to get imports The Soul MIne (RIP) had got it in on tape, CD and LP along with the 12"'Just To Get A Rep'

That was a happy day and my Gang Starr tape was never far from my reach after that, I learned all of the rhymes and held DJ Premier as my favourite producer from that album, I wanted more and went and spoke to a friend at another record store if he knew of them, he was all hell yeah and asked me if I had the first album.

I looked at him with wide eyes and said "the first album?", he told me about No More Mr Nice Guy and I told him that I remembered seeing that listed in Tim Westwood's NME Top Hip Hop 20 and it was on a wish list and more than likely I had heard earlier tracks on the Weds Nite Jam show.

But I only had recordings from taping the show,man back in those days I used to make compilation tapes from tracks I recorded off radio and would title them er...Thatz Def and Raw Power Raps and things of that nature.

Luckily for me the record store my friend worked at was getting imports in the next week and by the following Friday I was $45 poorer but now had Gang Starr's Wild Pitch album in my hands (and still do :D ).

I put it on and realized I had heard a few tracks before but listening to the album in it's entirety was a dope listening experience and I thought Guru sounded the same but really young and I could hear DJ Premier being influenced by the great Marley Marl on this album.

Gang Starr have consistently released dope material time and time again, sure some of the tracks differ in quality (I still think some people hated on The Ownerz unfairly) but that happens to every artist in a long career, we all know that Guru does not have the same impact on his solo albums, as he does with Preem behind him as well.

Who knows if there ever will be another Gang Starr album, DJ Premier is still murdering it behind the boards and behind the wheels of steels and Guru still has some solid releases now and then, I recently had to do a Top 25 Beats of all time at the infamous When They Reminisce site and included "The Illest Brother" and I wasn't the only one...

you should read all of the lists...

I would like to state that the list I did it over there isn't really an official one, I'm happy with most of it, but would re-do it if I was asked to.

Okay, so what have I got for you good readers?, well...I thought it was a dope idea to do a compilation with their non album tracks,remixes, b-sides and the rest and yep I am sure others have done this before...but this is the Cold Rock Da Spot one and yours if you send me an e-mail (by the way the reason I do this, is so I can get to know my readers and to annoy the leeches...haha)

gang starr-the remixes,b-sides and the rest

1. flip the script (minor adjustment remix)-produced by dj premier-(1992)
2. bust a move boy-produced by the 45 king-(1987)
3. positivity (remix)-
produced by dj premier-(1989)
4. ex girl to next girl(remix)-produced by dj premier-(1992)
5. check the technique (remix)-produced by dj premier-(1991)
6. so wassup-produced by dj premier-(1997)
7. natural-produced by dj premier-(2002)
8. all 4 the cash-produced by dj premier-(1999)
9. the squeeze-produced by dj premier-(2001)
10.battle-produced by dj premier-(2002) is due-produced by dj premier-(1991)
12. jazz thing (movie mix)-produced by dj premier-(1990)
13. gotta get over (large pro remix)- (radio)-(1992)
here's the proof-produced by dj premier & guru-(1989)
15. believe dat-produced by dj 1 2 b down and guru-(1987)
16. no more mr nice guy (remix)-produced by dj premier-(1989)
17. the question remainz-produced by dj premier-
18. the militia (pete rock remix)-(1998)
it's a jazz thing (video mix)-produced by dj premier-(1990)
2 deep (may we get a bit deeper remix)-produced by dodge & ig culture-(1992)

Special thanks to Stylus


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Dart Adams is straight killing it on the writing tip yet again

The Goldmine aka Bust The Facts celebrating one year...congrats Jimmy and Dread, Happy Anniversary

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No, I loved the Pharcyde...sorry Robbie and I dig The Wascals too...each to their own though b

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