The Cold Rock Da Spot/World Renown Challenge and other stuff...

Ahhhhh What's good kids?

how ya.....all doing out there (oh...oh yeah)

Life is strange sometimes but that's the beauty of it really, you probably know that I haven't ever been a fan of Eminem, but I out all prejudices aside the other night and finally watched 8 Mile, I can't front (jack) that shit was good and Eminem put in a good performance.

It had me thinking, if he was that Eminem on record then there is a chance I would have been a fan, I just always thought there was to much gimmick, novelty and I found his whine hard to listen to, I thought that in the movie when he was burning dudes that his flow was good and there wasn't so much of a whine, he ripped Xzibit's character as well.

I guess what I am trying to say is that if Eminem dropped the act,I might be a listener, I don't know Eric and Travis rant like this so I thought I would just follow haha...(just joking fellas)

I was over at the infamous and some users (shout to rare dave, dj smith,chris , the disc eater and stilts were asking about the unreleased World Renown album, well thanks to my good man Magnifik at our Pete Rock forum

I have the album (it is missing 3 tracks that K-Def couldn't get hold of) anyway if you haven't heard it, you are in for a treat friends, it is an ill 1994/5 album with lots of fat drum loops,butter basslines,soulful samples, horns and Jon Doe and Shawn Seven are mad smooth on the whole album,

Like my man Werner Wallenrod said (who kindly sent me the scan of the How Nice I Am cassingle, don't they just look ancient now? and also gave me the idea for this) it's a shame this never got released, for the past month or so, I pretty much play this everyday in my headphones and I often lose it to the horns (they are some of my favourite horns sampled ever) on 'Easy Connect', so here is the challenge...

Please scan my requests list on my blog and fill at least one request (full mp3 please) and I will send you the link to the album and a link for the 'How Nice I Am' (S.I.D. remix) and 'Come Take A Ride' (Extra Ride and Re-vibed versions).

sound good?

I thought so

I look forward to my loyal c r d s family hooking me up with some joints I have been after for soooooo long and I look forward to you being happy that you finally got to hear that lost World Renown just like I was.

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I am trying hard to do mine, but it's very hard.


A massive big up to Mike at
for featuring the 45 King mix at his spot.

and to you for asking for and enjoying the PMD compilation

and lastly if you are an Alkaholiks fan there will something special coming up soon at


It's all gravy with seasoned potatoes


A.C. The Program Director *LBNF* KING said...

You're a great contributor to the movement...! Just had to say thanks cuz I could... I also hit a couple of your ad links...

On the one!


eric said...

awwwww shit gotta' send me a link for that....that album is like a "legend"..Puhleeeezzze!!!!!!!!!!

Werner von Wallenrod said...

So, which do you reckon came first? Pudgee's "On the Regular" or the World Renown track?

Jaz said...

Thanks AC I appreciate that a lot, Eric I got you and Werner...hmmmm that's a good question, not sure to be honest...anyone else?

James yo said...

yo can you please hook me up with this looking for it everywhere



Jaz said...

James, I tried sending it to your e-mail but it didn't work, please feel free to send me an e-mail at


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